KitKat Ice Cream Stick Is Now Available In Malaysia And It’s Perfect For Chocolate Lovers


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It’s already the 2nd week of 2020 and we sincerely hope everything is well wherever you guys are. When 2020 finally rang in, there are plenty of food deals everywhere such as from McDonald’s, Jogoya and many more. This time around, we have something that’s a paradise for all chocolate lovers. Are you guys ready? KitKat Ice Cream Stick is now available in Malaysia!

KitKat Ice-Cream Stick, Your Next Favourite Ice Cream

So, we all know how good KitKat bars are right? As its tagline, KitKat is what we take when we’re on a break. Something about KitKat that makes them so very irresistible. Now, what happens when our favourite chocolate bar transforms into ice cream? We know, there are KitKat ice cream cones everywhere but have you guys ever tried KitKat ice cream stick?

KitKat Ice Cream Stick
Photo: @fusyop (Twitter)

Previously, it was reported by TheSun that it’s only available in the land down under, Australia. Thus when we found out a netizen on Twitter by the handle of @fendymojoo tried it in Malaysia, we have to let you guys know. According to him, this KitKat ice cream stick is so good that he recommends everyone to try it out.

KitKat Ice Cream Stick
Photo: @fendymojoo (Twitter)

As of the time of writing, the tweet has already garnered over 16K Retweets.¬†Also, we’re pretty sure you guys are curious as to where you guys can get this ice cream right?

KitKat Ice Cream Stick
Photo: @fendymojoo (Twitter)

Well, @fendymojoo mentioned that he got his at Petronas and we honestly can’t wait to try it out. However, do bear in mind that it isn’t confirmed to be available in all Petronas stations. But one thing’s for sure, it seems like this ice cream stick is vanilla based that’s coated with KitKat chocolate chunks and it looks so good!

KitKat Ice Cream Stick
Photo: @fendymojoo (Twitter)

All in all, if you’re a huge fan of KitKat, then this KitKat ice cream stick will definitely be heaven for you! We’re not sure if it’s available in other petrol stations so if you guys happen to spot this beauty elsewhere, just drop us a comment! Bye for now as we’re scurrying over to hunt this chocolate treasure down.

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