McDonald’s Releases New Fish Prosperity Burger For New Year

Hello, everyone! It’s 2020 and that means it’s time to explore more new food! To all Malaysians, we know it’s New Year when there are McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers right? Now, McDonald’s is releasing a new scrumptious burger that’s going to add more fun to the typical Prosperity Burgers. You probably have guessed it already, McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers is adding a new menu, Fish Prosperity Burger!

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We’re quite sure that all Malaysians have tried out McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers. That’s because it’s been with us for so many years already. And after so many yummylicious years, we’ve come to a conclusion. We need more!

Photo: @quennieyap81 (Instagram)
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To celebrate the New Year, McDonald’s is releasing a whole new Fish Prosperity Burger for all fish lovers. Crispy fish patty that’s marinated in their signature black pepper sauce, it’s spicy enough to warm you up. And that’s when you pair it up with their Twister Fries and McFizz to get that right balance. It’s limited time only. So try it out with your friends to enjoy the familiar taste of Prosperity Burgers with a new experience.

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