KFC Rolls Out ‘The One Box’ with 6 Different Items In A Pack Starting From 7th October 2020

Hello friends! A party without food is just a meeting. But then again who says that you can’t enjoy being a party of one? Due to high demands, KFC will bring back ‘The One Box’. The meal consists of every finger-licking signature items that you can get at KFC. Combined together and it becomes the most desirable feast among fans.

kfc the one box
Photo: @KFCMalaysia

6 KFC’s Signature Items In A Box

Coming back for a second time this year, the One Box is a generous meal in a box consist of 6 signature items from KFC. Making it the perfect meal for a ‘Party for One’! Included in the box are KFC chicken, Zinger Classic, Coleslaw, Whipped Potato, and a refreshing Sjora Mangga Ria.

kfc the one box
Photo: @KFCMalaysia

Additionally, you can choose between the new Cheezy Popcorn Bowl or the classic Cheezy Wedges to complete the set. Of course, although it is designed for one serving, you are free to share it with your loved ones.

New Cheesy Popcorn Bowl

Plus! You can even buy the new Cheesy Popcorn Bowl à la carte from RM5.99. It is filled with KFC Popcorn Chicken and Crispier Fries drizzled with Jalapeno Cheese sauce and mayonnaise. A small bowl that packs a punch!

kfc the one box
Photo: @KFCMalaysia

A Satisfying Feast

Prepare your belly for a satisfying feast as the KFC The One Box will be back starting on the 7th of October 2020 at all KFC stores nationwide. Meanwhile, during these trying times, we would like to advise our readers to avoid dining in. The promotion is available for both takeaway and delivery as well so you can still enjoy this amazing dish at home.

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