Kitchen Confidante Launches Unique Local-Inspired Mooncake Flavors This Festive Season

Baba Nyonya, Pandan Coconut and more!

Good day foodies, Mooncake Festival is just less than two months away, have you been eyeing on any mooncake brands? We don’t know about you, but brands are sure getting more innovative in terms of packaging and flavors each year. What’s good on the outside doesn’t always reflect the same on the inside. Who misses the good old, traditional, quality mooncakes? If you’re one of them, you wouldn’t want to miss out Kitchen Confidante and their latest mooncake collection.


About Kitchen Confidante:

An artisanal and small batch patisserie, Kitchen Confidante is well known for its Sarawak Layer Cakes (featured on Penang Foodie, check it out here). The patisserie is run by Karen Chai, the chef herself, who is a baker at heart since the age of 9 and later expanded her knowledge in Le Cordon Bleu, Paris when she was 31. They only bake during festive seasons and are exclusively available on Kitchen Confidante Facebook page.

What makes Kitchen Confidante’s mooncakes different from the rest?

Most commercial mooncake brands today focus more on the packaging than the product itself, that finding a good mooncake made with quality ingredients is like finding a needle in a haystack. Though being a three-year young enterprise in the mooncake industry, Kitchen Confidante strives to swim against the current. They adopted a minimalist approach to the packaging to allow higher concentration of production cost on the quality and integrity of ingredients. Their small business model ensures all products are baked to order and fresh from oven to customers.

Break Down of Kitchen Confidante’s 2020 Yue Bing Collection:

The 2020 Yue Bing Collection features exciting new flavors by matchmaking and fusing unique natural ingredients that are non-conventional to this already traditional festive pastry. They are local flavors that we’re familiar with, but together they compose a more depth in taste, mouthfeel and aroma.

Kitchen Confidante rolled out two types of mooncakes in their collection: Canton and Galaxy.


As the name suggests, Canton portrays what looks like the traditional baked mooncakes, airbrushed with floral embossment – hand painted with edible gold ink. In our word, very presentable. It features 6 different flavors, which we’re very excited to unveil.

(From the top) White Lotus Paste with Yolk, Baba Nyonya, Pandan Coconut, Red Dates, Chocolate Peanut Mochi, and Honey Longan. 


We’re probably the most excited about Baba Nyonya because the flavors are so complex. Imagine Peranakan flavors like belacan, dried shrimp and chilli, paired with white lotus paste and chicken floss. Yes, real chicken floss, we’re still baffled by the unique flavors, but in a good way.

If you like a sweeter option, Honey Longan delivers the perfect natural sweetness derived from Longan infused lotus paste and chopped dried longan meat mixed inside the paste itself. The millennial pick has got to be Chocolate Peanut Mochi, because mochi in a mooncake sounds delicious.



Galaxy on the other hand, is the Teochew mooncake, which is a rare find in the market. The mooncake is round and has a buttery, flaky crust. Kitchen Confidante once again played its magic by presenting 6 beautifully swirled colored mooncakes that resembled celestial bodies (hence, the name Galaxy) with unique local-infused flavors.


(From left) White Lotus with Mochi & Chicken Floss, Pandan Coconut with Mochi & Gula Melaka, Honey Purple Potato with Mochi, Baba Nyonya, Black Sesame with Mochi, and Pu Er. 

Baba Nyonya and Pandan Coconut offer a similar taste as the two from the Canton series, but in different textures. We’re very excited about Honey Purple Potato with Mochi that is made with honey purple potato lotus paste, salted egg yolk, and mochi.

Our favourite? Hands down Pu Er. Not only is the flavor one of a kind, we loved how the aroma of tea spreads through in the mouth as it breaks down, with a little sweetness from the lotus paste. The flavors go so well with each other.

Fun Fact: All mooncakes from Kitchen Confidante’s 2020 Yue Bing Collection is made with natural ingredients, including the color of the crust. Not only that, each mooncake is made traditionally, meaning they did not go through a machine. Worry about their mooncakes being too sweet? The lotus paste used in their mooncakes are all less sweet.

Their geometry inspired Lapis Gulung was featured in Atlas Obscura last month, and will be featured again, on My Modern Met and CNN’s Great Big Story the following month.


The editor is not a fan of mooncakes, but this one? Mad respect to Kitchen Confidante for their dedication in delivering the best to their customers. We all know it’s not cheap to make mooncakes especially when made in small batches, not to mention the ingredients they incorporated into their mooncakes.

We’ll let you be the judge, so hit them up, order from them, try it for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. As usual, don’t forget to tag your mooncake buddies, stay safe and have a great day ahead, buh bye!

Kitchen Confidante

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