KitKat Releases New (Bakeable) Cheesecake Flavour & Here’s How You Can Get It In Malaysia


Hello, foodies! Are you one who’s on a constant lookout for new and interesting snacks on the shelves? If snacks like the Ghost Pepper chips or Mi Goreng Boba caught your attention, then this brand new KitKat flavour all the way from Japan will pique your interest and tastebuds. Read on to find out how you can get it right here in Malaysia without needing wait for your next trip overseas!


This Brand New KitKat Flavour Is Perfect for Cheesecake Lover

Photo: @littlewjapanesestore (Instagram)

Yes, you saw that right! Nestlé Japan has officially released an all new limited edition Cheese Cake KitKat that is perfect for cheesecake lovers all around the world. Savour wafer in natural cheese powder and cream with hint of salt covered in cheesecake-flavoured white chocolate.

Photo: @junkfoodonthego (Instagram)
Photo: @amato_ryo (Instagram)

The special variant comes in a packet of 12 mini KitKats so you can slowly savour each piece at your own pace. Simply enjoy it as it is or better yet – make it into a Burnt Cheesecake! No, it’s not a joke – there’s even directions on how to do so at the back of the packaging. Just place the KitKats on a baking sheet and pop them in a toaster or oven for about 2 minutes. Then, immediately place them in the freezer to let it chill for a bit!

Photo: @huizhen0106 (Instagram)
Photo: @huizhen0106 (Instagram)

Here’s How You Can Get These In Malaysia

If you feel as though you’ve seen it before, you’re not wrong! The Cheesecake flavoured KitKat was indeed released back in 2015 as a limited edition variant and it was mind-blowing as ever. Now, you can easily order them online via Shopee and get a taste of this without waiting for a trip to Japan! Have you tried this before? Let us know in the comments below!

Get it on Shopee here

Featured Image: @littlewjapanesestore (Instagram) | @tuckintotravel (Instagram)

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