KitKat Introduces Lotus Biscoff Flavour And People Are Already Loving It


  • KitKat Introduces the new Lotus Biscoff flavour in Dubai.
  • It’s already been sold out multiple times but people are raving for more.
  • It’s only available in Dubai.

Hello, our fellow foodies! Are you a loyal friend of the delicious chocolate wafer brand, KitKat? If you are, it is time to turn your head here because we’ve found a new KitKat flavour that is already making some names on the internet. Ready for this new creation? Shine some lights on one of the most anticipated creation, KitKat Lotus Biscoff chocolate bars!

KitKat’s New Lotus Biscoff-Flavoured Chocolate Bars

Photo: @snackinginsaudi (Instagram)

Recently, we stumbled across a foodie post on the internet that caught our attention. You might be thinking, ‘it’s just another new flavour’. But trust us, this is something more than that. First introduced in Dubai, this new KitKat Lotus Biscoff bar is a heaven of chocolate, wafer and Biscoff cookie spread.

Photo: @geschmackstesterin (Instagram)

If you’re wondering what that is, here’s a little spill on what it tastes like. Biscoff cookies are crispy cookies that include a whole load of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and spices. In simple words, some say it’s a subtle version of gingerbread cookies with an additional deep caramelised flavour. Sounds delish, doesn’t it?

Photo: (Instagram)

With this new creation, it seems like there’s no way this can go wrong. Two layers of chocolate wafers with a smooth Biscoff cookie spread layered on top, it’s further covered with KitKat’s classic milk chocolate. There’s no doubt why it was sold out multiple times in Dubai. 

It’s Not Available In Malaysia Anytime Soon

Photo: @snackinginsaudi (Instagram)

Alright, if you’re wondering why we’ve been saying ‘Dubai’ for so many times, you’ve most probably got it right. Yes, sadly this new KitKat flavour is only available in Dubai. With much anticipation, we hope KitKat will bring this new flavour to Malaysia soon. Throwing that aside, if you’re traveling to Dubai anytime soon, we definitely recommend giving this a try before it runs out again!

Cover Photo:  @emfemirates

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