US Pizza Opens Newest Outlet At Tropicana Avenue And It’s Perfect For Pizza Lovers

Pizza Party, Anyone?

Hello, foodies! Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza. Fancy a pizza slice? Well, you’re in luck because one of the best Halal pizza chains in Malaysia opens another outlet in the Klang Valley! Here’s the pizza (piece-of) news: US Pizza opens their newest outlet at Tropicana Avenue. So, it’s time for a pizza party!

US Pizza Opens New Outlet At Tropicana Avenue And Their Pizzas Are So Mouth-Watering

Photo: @coryrhymizam (Instagram)

Whenever there’s a party, pizza is always the go-to food because it is quick and easy. Nevermind that because you don’t need to wait for a party to enjoy US Pizza’s deliciously baked pizzas. With many successful outlets across the Klang Valley, it’s such good news that a new store opens at Tropicana Avenue!

Photo: @yumikoleng (Instagram)
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US Pizza Serves Cheese Boat Pizza And It Is Perfect For Cheese Lovers

Photo: @foodie_aom (Instagram)

Delicious. Cheesy. Addictive. Those are only a few words that can describe their Cheese Boat Pizza. If you are new to this place, this pizza dish is must-try! It comes with a runny egg in the center and then, it’s mixed with three types of cheese. Yes – this pizza tastes three times better than regular pizza.

Photo: @foodie_aom (Instagram)
Photo: @yumikoleng (Instagram)

Some people argue about pineapple on pizza but cheese on pizza is something we all can agree on. Don’t fight with us on this. We’ll defend cheese – and, extra cheese on pizza to the ends of the Earth. If you haven’t already paid a visit to US Pizza, do it now. You won’t be disappointed, trust us. For those of you who have been to this restaurant, share us some of your delicious pizza photos in the comments to spread some US Pizza love!

US Pizza @ Tropicana Avenue 

Address: P-G-8 Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Avenue, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram 

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