This Cafe In KL Serves Dutch Babies, Gouda Cheese Chicken And Other Delicious Dutch Cuisines

One & Only Dutch Cafe In KL!

Are you up for a challenge? If you can’t decide what to eat at The Sphere, then how about treating your tastebuds with delectable meals from the other side of the world. Serving Dutch cuisines, the Koffie Craft is a perfect restaurant & cafe for those adventurous few. Best of all, the food here is served all day. So you can drop by any time of the day to enjoy their lip-smacking meals.

The First-Ever Koffie Craft Outlet In Asia

Koffie Craft’s dates back to 1927 when Antoon van Gevelt opened a small Restaurant & Café in the Dutch province of Limburg. Due to its popularity, Antoon built a larger outlet just before world war II. As time went on, he passed the Restaurant & Café to his son Pierre and his wife Corrie, who expanded the outlet twice over the years. They operated the Restaurant & Café until their retirement.

In 2019 their oldest son, Antonius, and his wife Jennifer decided to bring the concept to Asia – opening the first outlet at The Sphere in Kuala Lumpur. The menu features Dutch specialties as well as a number of fusion dishes we can enjoy. The cafe prides itself on making all dishes, desserts, and pastries in-house from the finest ingredients. Here are some of their dishes that you must not miss:

Eggs Hollandaise

A delightful choice for a comfort meal! If you appreciate savoury food then you should definitely go for the Eggs Hollandaise. It is a meal built on Toasted Ciabatta or Limburg Waffle. The best part is, you get to choose either oven-baked chicken, mushrooms, smoked salmon, or even oven-roasted smoked duck breast as your main topping. This delicious mountain is then crowned with two fried eggs, Tarragon-infused Hollandaise sauce, and sunflower kernels to seal the deal.

Gouda Cheese Chicken

The Netherlands is famous for its cheese, particularly ‘Gouda Cheese.’ For hundreds of years, the city of Gouda features a weekly cheese market from where their Gouda cheese originates. This meal features oven-baked chicken breasts topped with these delectable gooey Gouda Cheese. The chicken is then served in a layer of tomato sauce and accompanied by green beans, potato waffles, and a refreshingly crisp salad.

Duck with Apricot Sauce

You can say that Koffie Craft has a sort of love-affair with apricots (especially due to its orange colour that reminds them of the Dutch national colour). Why do the Dutch love the color orange? Well, you have to get a meal at Koffie Craft and ask Antonius or Jennifer about it.

The duck’s skin is scored in order to render (cook to remove) most of the Duck’s fat underneath the skin. The oven-roasted smoked duck breast is then served on a tangy sauce made from delicious apricots and accompanied by potato waffles, beans, and a refreshing salad. An absolute bliss in a platter.

The Big Breakfast

Meanwhile, Koffie Craft also offers a wide variety of breakfast items daily until 11:30 am. Their Big Breakfast includes a choice of toasted bun or croissant, two chicken breakfast sausages, three scrambled or fried eggs, sliced oven-roasted chicken breast, baked beans, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, and home-made tomato & chili jam. A hearty meal to start your day strong!

Dutch Baby

Additionally, customers with a sweet tooth can choose between 4 types of Dutch Babies at Koffie Craft. Dutch Baby is an oven-baked pancake that is cooked in a cast-iron pan. Giving it the iconic bowl-like appearance. This “bowl” is then filled with all kinds of sweet treats such as home-made cherry, blackcurrant or apricot compote, caramelized apple, mango, ice-cream, and whipped cream. Making it one of the most ultimate desserts you should try.

Limburgse Vlaai

Koffie Craft originates from the Dutch province of Limburg, which means it has to feature the traditional, famous Limburgse Vlaai (pies from Limburg). The cafe offers 3 different fillings to choose from; Apple, Cherry, or Apricot Vlaai. Which you can then be top with ice-cream, whipped cream, or both. Clearly, these lovely pies are great for takeaways and serve as a very cute gift for friends and family.

Blackcurrant Cheese Tea

Take a sip of this drink and your taste-buds will sing from joy!!! The Blackcurrant Cheese Tea is a medley of black tea and your choice of fruit compote. The drink is then topped with a secret cream-cheese mixture and crushed walnuts. This creamy cheese concoction will give you an amazing silky accent through every sip that you take.

Maastricht Waffle

Koffie Craft’s most famous waffles are the unsweetened crispy-soft Limburg Waffles. The Maastricht waffle is uniquely different and is historically eaten on New Year’s Eve in Maastricht, the Capital City of Limburg Province. This waffle is more dense than the Limburg Waffle. Enjoy it with just a scoop of ice-cream or pick the version that comes with ice-cream, mango and blackcurrant compote. Great as a dessert or just with a coffee (by the way, Koffie Craft has amazing coffee).

Koffie Craft

Address: Unit UG-2, The Sphere, No 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South City, 8 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (Daily)

Contact: 017-3817876 | 03 – 5033 2135

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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