Grocery Shops & Convenience Stores In KL Not Allowed To Sell Hard Liquor Starting October 2021


  • Grocery stores, convenience shops & traditional Chinese medicine shops in Kuala Lumpur are NOT allowed to sell hard liquor
  • The rule will be applicable starting 1st October 2021
  • Beer and pure/mixed liquor products for medicinal use are still allowed at these premises

Three Premises In KL Are Not Allowed To Sell Hard Liquor Starting Next Year

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Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has just released brand new guidelines for liquor license applications. It states that grocery shops/sundry shops, convenience stores and Chinese medicine shops are not allowed to sell any hard liquor, starting next year October. These mentioned premises with existing liquor license can only renew their license until 30 September 2021.

However, beer and pure/mixed liquor products in traditional medicine are still allowed to be sold at these premises. But can only be sold from 7AM to 9PM, and the allowed alcohol sold must be separated from other beverages sold on the premise.

Here are a few guidelines to take note as well:

  • Business premises that sell liquor cannot be in front of police stations, places of worship, schools and hospitals.
  • Premises and activities that allow liquor sale include restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, commercial complexes, warehouses, supermarkets, hypermarkets as well as promotional activities that serve liquor.
  • Pubs, bars, lounges and restaurants can sell liquor from 10AM until 12AM while application to extend the sale of liquor until 2AM can be made based on the allowed entertainment hours of premise or the approved time limit for premises at entertainment zones.
  • The sale of liquor for wholesalers and grocery/sundry shops (until 30 Sep 2021) can start at 7AM till 9PM; beer houses can sell liquor from 10AM to 12AM
  • Premises that display a blue-coloured liquor license are allowed to have diners to drink at premise. Meanwhile, premises with yellow-coloured liquor license are only allowed to have takeaway liquor.

Read the full liquor license guidelines here.

Source: Oriental Daily & The Star

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