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Elevate Your New Year Dinner Plans With These 5 Eateries In Kuching

Time To Feast!

Foodies, how’s everyone doing? 2021 is ringing in, so let’s start off the year with some good food. While you might have aced on Christmas meals, what about New Year dinner? Let 2021 be a cozy year by celebrating with your loved ones at home. Sending love all the way from Kuching, let GrabFood deliver delicious meals right to your doorstep when you order from GrabFood Signature Restaurants!


Elevate Your New Year Dinner Plan With These 5 Eateries in Kuching Only on GrabFood:

#1 Noms

Photo: @nomsmalaysia (Instagram)

Founded by a team of best friends who are passionate about food, Noms is no stranger to locals. This food truck turned brick-and-mortar store serves up some sinfully good menu that consist of a lot of cheese. If your late night cravings of savoury food are kicking it, order Noms only from GrabFood. We highly recommend you guys to try out their Mac and Cheese Sandwich. It’s cheesy, savoury and heavenly delicious with your choice of meat for only RM15!

Photo: @nuuriszuana (Instagram)
Photo: @nomsmalaysia (Instagram)

#2 Big Coconut Western

Photo: I Love Borneo (Website)

Big Coconut is definitely your go-to place when you’re itching for affordable yet delicious Western cuisines. Tucked in a food court, patrons highly rave about their Signature Grilled Chicken Chop. Good news, they’re now open for delivery only on GrabFood! Try out their chicken chop for RM18.29, prices are the same as in-store, so save yourself the hassle of heading out.

Photo: @juneyap2u (Instagram)
Photo: @smileykisses (Instagram)

#3 Life Cafe

Photo: @ziqin.lai (Instagram)

Upholding the culture and heritage of tea houses, Life Cafe has been around for more than two decades. An established name in Kuching for teas and related beverages, patrons love their take on local cuisines. If you’re at home and craving for some local comfort food, order from Life Cafe only on GrabFood, and don’t forget to try out their Classic Spicy Noodle for RM14.31, it’s a crowd’s favourite.

Photo: @officially_mayyy98 (Instagram)
Photo: @xuetyi_sam (Instagram)

#4 Hartz Chicken Buffet

Photo: @peruszi (Instagram)

Did you know Hartz Chicken Buffet is an all-you-can-eat fast food chain that originates from the States? It’s quite a popular spot in Kuching for those looking for a fried chicken feast. While you certainly can’t get a buffet spread at home, you sure can savour some of their juicy fried chicken. Feast in the comfort of your home by ordering on GrabFood. Pay only RM19.95 for a 3-piece set dinner available only on the delivery platform.

Photo: @chenszeyee (Instagram)
Photo: @kuchingbongan (Instagram)

#5 Nasi Lemak Ganja

Photo: @food.krazy (Instagram)

We Malaysians love a plate of good old nasi lemak, especially when the sambal and rice are made right. Nasi Lemak Ganja got its name by serving some seriously addictive nasi lemak. You’ll get a selection of dishes to pair with that fragrant coconut rice. When you’re feeling comfortable at home, but need to eat, just pick up your phone and let GrabFood settle the rest. Only available on GrabFood, get Nasi Lemak Ganja’s signature Nasi Lemak Biasa for RM12.50 today! A disclaimer though, it’s highly addictive you might need two portions.

Photo: Nasi Lemak Ganja (Facebook)
Photo: @snippetsbyjc



Foodies, we know you are hungry! Grab your phone and get your New Year dinner sorted out by ordering delicious dishes from these restaurants through GrabFood. Save the hassle of heading out and get cozy at home with your loved ones with these GrabFood Signature Restaurants. Fret not, GrabFood delivery goes as low as RM0.50 at selected restaurants, so order-in today!

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