Take A Look At How This Malaysian Woman Grows An Edible Plant Garden At Her Tiny Balcony In PJ

Nothing's Impossible Now

If the past two months at home has taught most of us anything, it’s that our creativity and ability are not limited to our space. Some of you may have challenged yourself in ways you never thought possible before the MCO. Be it cooking splendid food, getting back in shape or even completing an online course – your house ceiling is definitely not your limit. Well, this story today may inspire you add on yet another project to your to-do list.

Local Woman Grows Garden Filled With Edible Plants In Her PJ Condo

Photo: @ladyofleisuremalaysia (Facebook)

If your excuse for growing your own edible plant garden is having not enough space or no space at all, think again. Because once you’ve look at what Evangeline Lim has grown in her close to non-existing balcony, you might be ashamed to use that excuse ever again. Evangeline a.k.a Lady Of Leisure has been documenting her journey of growing her own plants, from herbs to tomatoes and even rock melons!

Photo: @ladyofleisuremalaysia (Facebook)
Photo: @ladyofleisuremalaysia (Facebook)

This mystical edible plant garden did not appear overnight in a high-rise city condo. Evangeline had taken the initiative after moving from a landed house to the condo a few years back. She realised that the restricted space has challenged many people in urban areas to grow their own food and even have the fear of trying to do so. Hence, she took in the challenge and made it possible through experimenting with different plants and techniques.

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Repurposing Daily Objects To Help Grow Your Garden

Photo: @ladyofleisuremalaysia (Facebook)

Evangeline has more than just green fingers as her passion for bringing sustainability into her garden is fiercely admirable. Either it’s repurposing used bottles or milk cartons into pots, or making your own spade! It certainly goes to show that you don’t need any fancy pots or tools to make it work – all you need is the determination to do so. In the end, Evangeline believes that everyone is able to grow their own food and should give it a try.

Photo: @ladyofleisuremalaysia (Facebook)
Photo: @ladyofleisuremalaysia (Facebook)

Will You Be Trying To Grow Your Own Edible Plant Garden?

A once impossible dream to grow your own edible vegetables and fruits at home is made possible by Evangeline. If you’re interested in learning more about growing your own food AND doing it all under a budget, you got to head on over to Lady Of Leisure! There’s honestly no harm in learning to do so, in fact you’ll definitely be rewarded a fridge full food without going for a grocery run by the end of month. So, start folding them sleeves and get your roots ready.

Lady Of Leisure 

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