Lazada Is Restocking Their Mask Inventory On 11 Feb 2020 With Controlled Prices & Limited Purchases

Stock Up Now And Be Safe


  • Lazada is replenishing their inventory of masks.
  • Available for purchase on 11 February 2020 onwards.
  • The masks are under controlled prices and there will be limited purchases.

As the latest breaking news about the Wuhan virus concerns Beijing’s lockdown, there is no doubt that we should take serious precaution to prevent the spread of this novel virus. At an individual level, one should certainly wear a mask to prevent yourself from touching your face and breathing in contaminated air particles. Just today, Lazada announced that it will be restocking their mask inventory on February 11, 2020.

Lazada Will Be Replenishing Their Mask Inventory On 11 Feb 2020

Malaysia is currently at 18 confirmed-positive cases of the Coronavirus and we should do all we can to protect ourselves. Therefore, the best one can do for now is to wear a face mask. Since the viruses’ outbreak, stocks on face mask have gone pretty quickly but fret not, you can now get them on Lazada from tomorrow onwards.

Lazada Is Taking Preventive Measures For Their Parcel Shipments To Ensure Safety Of Customers

Photo: Lazada (Facebook)

Aside from restocking their mask inventory, Lazada is taking plenty of preventive measures in order to protect the interests of their customers. Lazada has taken internal measures to ensure that sellers maintain the prices of face masks so that these masks are selling at reasonable prices.

Photo: Lazada (Facebook)

The e-commerce platform also ensures that their warehouse and all equipment are disinfected. According to Lazada’s official Facebook page, the company’s logistics staff undergo daily temperature checks and sanitisation before handling any packages. So, don’t worry too much about receiving an incoming parcel from China.

Here Are Some Prevention Tips From The World Health Organisation Concerning The Coronavirus

Photo: World Health Organisation (Website)
Image: World Health Organisation (Website)

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