This Organic French Wine With 0.0% Alcohol Is The Perfect Pairing For Any Occasion & Any Day

It's Wine O'clock!

A trip to France is well out of the picture right now. But how about some French wine to pair with your meals? Because who says you can’t have a good time whilst being stuck at home. We have got you covered. There’s a brand new French wine in town and although it may disguise itself to be just like any other wine, IT’S NOT. This imported French wine has ZERO alcohol in it! Yes, you heard that right!


We’ve Found A French Imported Wine In Malaysia That’s 0.0% Alcohol!

Le Petit Beret is a non-alcoholic beverage imported from France that has zero percent alcohol, while still having 80% similarity to wine taste. How do they do it? Here’s how – the entire range of wine is created without going through the conventional fermentation process, which in turn produces no alcohol.

This innovative wine production process has even won the Innovative Award 2021 in France! Le Petit Beret wines are also organic and vegan-friendly, as well as low in sugar and cholesterol. It even has a Halal cert by the World Muslim Council. It’s wine o’clock all day long without a single worry! 

Must-Try 0.0% Wines From Le Petit Béret

After four years of research, Le Petit Beret means business when it comes to bringing you a whole range of non-alcoholic wines from red, white and rosé to white and rosé sparkling wines. Here are four wines you must not miss out on!

Profil Chardonnay

Le Petit Beret’s Chardonnay brings on a similar straw yellow colour with touches of gold reflections. Its aroma of ripe apples, pears and exotic fruits is perfect to captivate your palate. You simply can’t miss its significant fresh citrus tastes and its delicious fruity flavours of mangoes, apples and pears. Pairs well with roasted fish and seafood.


Profil Pinot Noir

Up next, Le Petit Beret’s Pinot Noir is distinguished by its intense ruby ​​red colour with shades of purple. Intense aroma of red and black fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and black cherries. A velvety, delicate and silky texture to the palate with strong fruity flavours. Pairs well with roasted poultry and grilled beef.

Rosé Gris


The prettiest amongst them all is definitely the Rosé Gris with its sparkling light pink colour. Aromas of citrus fruits, pink grapefruit, small smoky mineral notes as well as fine fresh floral touches. Prepare to indulge in pleasant fruity flavours of fresh red fruits and citrus fruits. Pairs well with salads, seafood and even lemongrass roasted chicken.

Profil Muscat Doux

Looking for a more intense yet refreshing sweetness in every sip? Get a taste of Le Petit Béret’s Profil Muscat Doux! The aroma of ripe fruit is blended harmoniously with fresh flowers and with fresh flowers, and fine hints of roses, litchi and pineapple. Pair it with tarty and savoury dishes or even your desserts like fruit tarts.


‘Wine’ Not Try These One Of A Kind Wines From Le Petit Beret Today?

Whether you’re looking for a wine pairing to your meals or simply want to enjoy a mid-day break without the booze, Le Petit Beret is the perfect wine to indulge in. No matter what occasion it is, you know you can count on Le Petit Beret non-alcoholic wines to have a great time. The next time you think of having a mid-day drink, think of Le Petit Beret.

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