This Legendary Chocolate Ice Cream Bar Is Back In Our Lives & We Can’t Get Enough Of It

Oldie But A Goodie

Hello, foodies! Every time someone mentions the word “ice cream”, we know your hearts go mushy for it. Now, we don’t need a hit song to have us hooked on one of our favourite desserts of all time. Today, we’re bringing you to a walk down memory lane that will conjure up your cravings for this legendary chocolate coated ice cream bar. Lucky Coco Bar is what we’re talking about!


This Classic Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Is Perfect For Chocolate Lovers

Photo: @makansedapjohor (Instagram)

Before the ever popular Magnum ice cream that you can find almost everywhere, there was Lucky Coco Bar in our lives. Some people even call it the ice cream ‘Itik’ or ‘hantu’, because of the adorable mascots in the packaging. Sweet vanilla ice cream coated in thick chocolatey goodness with nuts – this is no doubt the OG ice cream we grew up with in Malaysia!

Photo: @makansedapjohor (Instagram)

So, you must be wondering how did this old school chocolate bar come back into our lives? A Twitter post of the ice cream first circulated around the internet a couple days ago, reminiscing about this legendary ice cream. Since then, the post has gone viral with almost 13k likes and 7k shares. Ice cream is definitely what makes the world go crazy!

Of course, one of the things most people reminiscent about was the remarkably cheap price of it. In the olden days, you can get it at only 50 cents per piece! However, it’s now supposedly selling at RM1, still very much cheaper.

Have You Tried It Recently?

Are you also on the hunt for this old school ice cream? Well, you can try your luck at local grocery stores or even online as many are selling them in bulk. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried it recently or where did you find it at! For those who haven’t, happy ‘hunting’!

Featured image: @makansedapjohor (Instagram) | @zulakmalxx (Twitter)

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