Luna Luna @ Setia City Mall: A Contemporary Malaysian Fast Food Concept That Is Fresh And Delicious

Fast food doesn't have to be junk food!

Hello, foodies! Every now and then, we need our fast food fix, don’t we? Nothing beats a good fast food burger and hot French fries to satisfy our cravings. And, you know that’s true. Well, we’re here to let you know about Luna Luna! Recently opened in Setia City Mall, this place offers an elevated fast food experience for Malaysians and you should definitely check them out!

A Malaysian Fast Food Concept That Is Fresher And More Delicious At Luna Luna In Setia City Mall

Photo: KL Foodie

Luna Luna brings a twist to usual fast food outlets because it’s a place that encompasses the familiar concept of Malaysian grilled food and drinks that’ll leave you feeling nostalgic. In addition, this restaurant ditches the usual vibrant fast food outlook for a more contemporary, convenient, and casual dining environment. Basically, it’s Malaysian fast food that is delicious, convenient, and you have a cosy dining environment to boot. Did we mention it’s delicious already? Because it absolutely is!

Taste Malaysian Flavours In Their Burgers And Even Rice Dishes At Luna Luna In Setia City Mall

Photos: KL Foodie

Their menu is rather extensive but fret not, we’ve narrowed it down just for you! That’s what you have us for, to let you know the best dishes that you must-try for your trip to Luna Luna. Besides that, we’re sure that it won’t be your only visit to this fast food restaurant. Read below for what we recommend! There’s about 9 things that you must try so head to their restaurant with a group of friends to try them all.

#1 The LUNA Burger

Photo: KL Foodie

The LUNA Burger is their signature burger and it’s so delicious! It comes with a succulent grilled beef patty, beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, onion, sesame seeds, and their special peanut sauce. This beef burger is also really delicious because they use buttery brioche buns! More good news, you can switch your fries to keropok if you are feeling more Malaysian-ish. Their keropok is really crunchy and it taste so good!

#2 Golden Fried Chicken Burger

Photo: KL Foodie

Their Golden Fried Chicken Burger is a must-try for chicken lovers. The juicy fried chicken comes with American cheese, garlic mayo, gherkin, tomato, and lettuce. Besides that, this burger comes specially in a crispy ciabatta bun. It’s a really tasty fried chicken burger and when you order it with French fries, it’s the best combo! tasty too!

#3 Crispy Fish Kerabu Burger

Photo: KL Foodie

The Crispy Fish Kerabu Burger is an absolute delight because it is the taste of Malay cuisine in one bite. We’re not kidding…this fried fish fillet in between potato buns will totally remind you of good ol’ fresh kerabu salad. You can opt for a combo set for each burger at this restaurant because a combo comes with fries and a drink.

Photo: KL Foodie

#4 Cheeseburger

Photo: KL Foodie

No fast food restaurant menu is complete without the classic cheeseburger. This cheeseburger is a perfect option for kids because of its portion size. It’s also a good choice if you’re not too hungry. But then again, who’s not hungry for a good cheeseburger? In addition, it’s really tasty!

#5 Grilled Chicken Bowl

Photo: KL Foodie

 If you are not a fan of burgers, fret not, because this fast food restaurant serves rice bowls. You should try their Grilled Chicken Bowl because it is a hearty meal and we’re sure you’ll love it! This Luna Rice Bowl comes with flavoured fragrant rice, squid rings, fish keropok (yum!), papaya salad, ikan bilis sauce and asam pedas sauce. It’s definitely full of Malaysian flavours and it’s delish!

Enjoy These Yummy Desserts At Luna Luna In Setia City Mall

Photo: KL Foodie

Besides serving delicious burgers and rice bowls, Luna Luna has an array of snacks and dessert options as well. These snacks will leave you feeling nostalgic because it’s Malaysian local street food snacks that we know you’ll love. Plus, be sure to try their specialty Frozen Custard because it is one of a kind!

#6 Treasures

Photo: KL Foodie

This Treasures box is a box full of street food delights. This dessert combo box features fried cempedak, yam, banana, and sweet potato! We know that all Malaysians love fried snacks, so, of course this would be an item on their menu! It’s fried until it’s crispy and it’s a great tea time snack.

#7 Red Bean Ricestick

Photo: KL Foodie

Doesn’t this dessert make you feel nostalgic because for some of us, this is our childhood snack! At Luna Luna, you can enjoy Red Bean Ricestick and taste the goodness of sticky red bean with fried glutinous flour! Young or old, everyone will enjoy this snack.

#8 Specialty Frozen Custard Brownie Crater

Photo: KL Foodie

Without a doubt, you must try Luna Luna’s Frozen Custard because it tastes heavenly! They specially import their frozen custard machine from the US and this dessert is so delicious! It is coconut flavoured custard and the texture is really smooth. It’s much lighter and creamier than regular frozen yogurt so it is absolutely worth the try! They also have seasonal flavours every now and then, so, make sure you check them out.

#9 Nitro Milk Coffee

Photo: KL Foodie

Another must-try item on their menu is their Nitro Milk Coffee! This coffee comes straight from a tap (like draught beers) and you can bet that it tastes super smooth and creamy. It’s a twist on regular coffee because their coffee is quite foamy but this drink is super yummy so coffee lovers should definitely try it!

Contemporary And Modern Restaurant Design To Soothe Your Eyes And Appetite At Luna Luna

Photo: KL Foodie

Their restaurant ambience is completely modern and will totally soothe your eyes. Garden green furniture and wood panels really give off an easy-going mood which makes it really comfortable to enjoy fast food! It’ll definitely be a good time when you’re dining at Luna Luna’s.

Photo: KL Foodie

Plus, they have a self-service counter where you can get your own sauces and everything else you need to enjoy a great fast food meal! Also, for those of you who truly want to enjoy this Malaysian fast food concept, you must try their very own home-made Kicap Manis! They specially make it to go with their rice bowls because it’s slightly sweet and adds loads of flavour to rice dishes.

What Are You Most Excited To Try At Luna Luna?

Photo: KL Foodie

There you have it, now that we’ve reached the end of this article…you know what to order the next time you visit Luna Luna! They recently opened in August 2019 in Setia City Mall and this is their first outlet. The masterminds behind this contemporary Malaysian fast food restaurant are really innovative so expect new menu items and seasonal items in the future. Make sure you check them out!

Luna Luna @ Setia City Mall (Near the South Entrance)

Address: LG 25-26 Setia City Mall, No.7, Persiaran Setia Dagang, Bandar Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

Opening hours: Daily; 10AM-10PM

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram

[This is a muslim-friendly eatery]

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