Malaysian Families Can Now Enjoy More Value And Better Savings With Celcom’s Latest Postpaid Plans

TheCelcom postpaid plans have been enhanced to suit all kinds of internet needs for families of any size! Now offering more internet quota, the widest choice and variety of FREE devices, and all-in-one Home Fibre and Postpaid plans. Celcom strives to offer products and services that are affordable so that you can remain connected with the best value and savings.


Find The Best Celcom Postpaid Plan That Suits Your Needs

Malaysian families are now digitally engaged with one another. Creating their own unique digital personalities, interests, needs, and preferences when staying connected. But of course, everyone wants the best value and savings plan for their families. Celcom understands this concern and has updated its Postpaid and Fibre plans to meet the needs of students, early job-starters, and families! Giving them the best value, tailored to their needs.

The new and enhanced Celcom’s MEGA™ and Xpax Postpaid™ plans offer more for less, by including more quota at the same price.

Celcom’s MEGA™ Lightning Family postpaid plans

  • Enhanced with an additional 10GB of internet quota
  • Up to 6 Family Lines.
  • With a minimum of 2 Family Lines, Celcom MEGA™ Lightning or MEGA™ Unlimited customers will enjoy a RM20 rebate (50% discount) for each Family Line for 6 months.

Celcom’s Xpax Postpaid™ plans

  • Celcom Xpax Postpaid™ 40 offers customers with 20GB, the same price for double the internet quota and Celcom Xpax Postpaid™ 60 offers customers with 40GB of high-speed internet quota.
  • FREE Samsung Galaxy A03.
  • Additional 5GB sign-up internet quota
  • Unlimited access to YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

For Celcom customers that need affordable Family Lines as well as worry-free internet connectivity for their homes, Celcom offers them the most affordable convergence plan with unlimited high-speed internet and speeds up to 100Mbps, 300Mbps, or 500Mbps.

All-in-one Fibre & Postpaid plan

  • Lifetime savings up to RM191 per month
  • Up to six Family Lines, with Unlimited Internet for only RM20 per line.
  • FREE home fibre connectivity with a subscription to two Celcom MEGA™ Unlimited postpaid plans at RM158 each, perfect for families of any size.

Get FREE 5G Smartphones And Save More With Celcom MEGA™ postpaid plans

For customers who would like to upgrade or own the latest devices, Celcom has enhanced its device bundles with the best, as well as a wider range of FREE devices including the latest 5G devices to choose from. Furthermore, Celcom MEGA™ postpaid plans with Family Lines allow customers to own a second 5G smartphone for FREE.


Furthermore, they are also offering great savings for Malaysian families to easily own brand-new smartphones, including the latest devices that support 5G networks.

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