Infuriating Photos Show Malaysian Placing Used Facemask In Cutlery Holder While Eating

Recently, photos of a Malaysian man placing his used facemask in a cutlery holder at a mamak in Wangsa Maju went viral. The post by Jeff Ng to Facebook group Setapak 讲饮讲食 吹水站 has garnered over 2,300 shares by netizens expressing their concern! This is extremely dangerous because Covid-19 spreads by droplets of infected fluid touching other nearby surfaces.

Jeff Ng (Facebook)

Bring A Reusable Container To Store Facemask

While some restaurants do provide single-use plastic for us, the best way to keep it clean, is to use our own reusable container! Placing it on unclean surfaces or folding it into pockets will contaminate your mask.

Shopee (Website)

Source: Malaysia Sin Chew Daily

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