Marrybrown Malaysia Releases New Salted Egg Fried Chicken & Burger For All Salted Egg Lovers

The Best Kind Of Egg Is Salted


  • NEW salted egg fried chicken & fried chicken burger
  • Available in Marrybrown nationwide
  • Salted Egg Chicken Combo starts from RM15.90; Salted Egg Burger Combo starts from RM15

There’s A New Salted Egg Fried Chicken In Town From Marrybrown

Hey, foodies! If there’s one food trend that most of you can’t seem to get rid of, it’s definitely salted egg. You may have even craved it so much during the MCO, but there just ain’t that many salted egg food out there available at your disposal. Well, now this iconic local fast-food chain has finally jump on the salted egg bandwagon and we’re all for it!

Photo: @MarrybrownMalaysia (Facebook)

Marrybrown has recently released a brand new Egg-stra padu Salted Egg meal for all you salted egg fans. Nope, it’s not just bits of salted egg peeking through the chicken. But, full on thick salted egg sauce is drenched on top of its signature fried chicken. The same goes with its chicken burger, salted egg sauce can be seen dripping from the sides of the burger. Now, that’s how you do a good salted egg meal.

Photo: @shazillahsani (Instagram)

You can choose to have it in either burger or fried chicken. But rest assured, both will be simply delicious as they are. The Salted Egg Burger combo, that comes with fries and a drink, starts from RM15; while the Salted Egg Chicken combo with sides of mashed potatoes and salad, starts from RM15.90.

Photo: @kaksue7273 (Instagram)

Will You Be Trying The Salted Egg Chicken From Marrybrown?

If you didn’t already know, Marrybrown is well-known for their fried chicken and burgers. Of course, there are the more popular fast-food options out there that most of you may opt for. But now that Marrybrown has introduced this whole new menu with salted egg sauce in the mix, you might want to reconsider your preference. Let us know in the comments if you’re going to try it or have tried it!

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