McDonald’s Malaysia Rolls Out New Ramadan Menu Featuring Chicken Foldover, Kurma Drinks And More

The Foldover Is Back!

Hello Foodies! Do you guys remember how amazing the McDonald’s foldover was? If you do, we have great news for you because it is back! McDonald’s Malaysia released a new Ramadan Menu today, 20 April 2020, featuring items like Grilled Chicken Foldovers, Iced Kurma Drinks and more!


McD Malaysia Brings Back Classic Favourites And New Kurma Drink Items

McDonald's Ramadan Menu
Photo: McDonald’s Malaysia (Website)

Finally, an old favourite that was once on the menu but was never forgotten – the Grilled Chicken Foldover. This time however, McDonald’s has added a new version with Crispy Fish!

Next, Ramadan in Malaysia is not complete without Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi Lemak. On top of the standard ingredients, the Nasi Lemak McD includes its famous, crispy Fried Chicken! Yum!

ice kurma drinks mcdonalds
Photo: McDonald’s Malaysia (Website)

Now here’s something different offered by McCafe – McD Kurma Treats! For the first time ever, McD features the healthy and fruity Kurma items in their Ramadan Drink menu, such as Iced Kurma Latte, Iced Kurma Milk and Iced Kurma.

McDonald’s Has Also Released Their New Sweet Banana Dessert Menu

Everytime McD releases a new dessert, we rush to try it! This time, the theme of its new desserts is Bananas! It includes a Chocolate Banana pie with a crispy chocolate crust that hugs a sweet banana, chocolate filling; a Banana Sundae and the Chocolate Banana McFlurry!

chocolate banana pie mcdonalds
Photo: McDonald’s Malaysia (Website)
Mcdonalds banana desserts
Photo: McDonald’s Malaysia (Website)

So which Ramadan items will you be trying? Let us know!

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