McDonald’s Introduces 4 New Happy Meal Hello Kitty Collectibles From Today Onwards

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Happy 2020 guys! As we ring in a brand new decade and since today is back to work/school day, we just have to ask, how are you guys really doing? Time to start afresh and new year=new you right? With all that aside, sometimes we need something to make our day a little better. If you’re in love with Hello Kitty, we’ve got cute news! McDonald’s introduces not 1, but 4 super adorable collectibles, with a purchase of Happy Meal.

Hello Kitty Collectibles From McDonald’s Are Now Available

Over the past decade (it might seem like it’s long when it really was just 2 days ago), McDonald’s has always brought plenty of joy to our lives. They have plenty of seasonal items on the menu such as the Prosperity Burger as well as some novel ones like Oreo Cream Pie and many more. However, it’s not just food that has all of us lovin’ it but they also brought plenty of toys and collectibles into our lives.

McD Hello Kitty
Photo: @McDonald’s (Facebook)

Remember how when we were kids, Hello Kitty collectibles are like the thing? Having the entire full collection will have us brimming with pride. You’ll now have the chance to start collecting them again in case you missed out on any back in those days.

Previously, we have the Hello Kitty carrier and now, they’re set to introduce Hello Kitty collectibles! There will be 4 different designs, introduced each week for a month. We’ve listed the timeline below:

2nd January: Hello Kitty Hero


9th January: Hello Kitty Princess


16th January: Hello Kitty Rockin’ Roll


23rd January: Hello Kitty Mermaid


Which of the McDonald’s Hello Kitty collectibles are you most interested to collect? We’ll say all of them but it’s solely up to you guys. One thing’s for sure, it’s a great start to 2020. Thanks, McD!

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