Who Needs A Reason To Celebrate When You Can Throw A Party With McD Parties@Home For Only RM 100!

Be it landing on a job, birthdays, or smaller events like scoring full marks for a paper, life is worth celebrating. Believe it or not, McDonald’s has helped create and capture multiple good memories in everyone’s life. While we can’t throw a big party outdoors now, you can still host a toast in the comfort of your home. Get together with your loved ones and celebrate any achievements with McDonald’s Parties@Home Packages at your fingertips!

At Home Celebrations Made Easy With McDonald’s Parties@Home Packages:


What’s better than a whole set of celebrations delivered right to your doorstep with party accessories in a big red box? Cut the fuss of organizing and post-cleanings with McDonald’s Parties@Home Packages. Besides that drool-worthy food, each package comes with a list of free party accessories, like party hats for both the star and the guests, party cup holder, name tag stickers, activity sheets AND, a free limited-edition Big Mac Lunch Box!


If you truly need a reason to celebrate, we’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can enjoy some McDonald’s without feeling the guilt. 

#1 Celebrating An Adulthood Milestone


One never truly understands the meaning of adulthood until one is in adulthood. Many ‘firsts’ happen in this stage. Like landing on your first job, filling your first income taxes, getting your first car, and more, the pressure is real. Why not eat your sorrows away and be kind to yourself? Open up the big red box to unveil happiness, along with a series of surprises! 



#2 Celebrating A Friend/ Loved Ones Just Because


It’s your friend’s birthday, or you simply miss your loved ones, so why not send some McDonald’s Parties@Home Package to them to show how much you love them? Your friends will be surprised by how much happiness the red box contains.

#3 90s Kids Party Throwback

Photo: Loh Yin Fang

Throwing a birthday party at McDonald’s has always been a childhood dream for any kid. In fact, we believe most Malaysians had one or at least were invited to a friend’s birthday party at McDonald’s. It was the epitome of our childhood, receiving a party pack, a box of Happy Meal, and having fun with friends, like Children’s Day! Those were the good old days.

Photo: Ashley Yap

Here’s a piece of good news. You’ll get to relive your childhood memories and celebrate your big day with McDonald’s Parties@Home Packages from only RM100! Plus, you’ll get a limited edition birthday gift and party accessories for free. So, get all your important friends and family members together and throw a huge retro celebration at home! Walk down memory lane with everyone dressing in their 90s and let the party begin.


To make sure everyone gets a McDonald’s in their hands, we recommend ordering both Parties@Home Package B and C which feeds up to 14 people in total. That way you’ll get more food choices and desserts, as well as a series of fun goodies! Enjoy the party and leave the rest to McDonald’s.


Recreate Nostalgic Moments With McDonald’s Parties@Home


Whether you’re celebrating the first milestone, family gathering, a friend’s big day, or a cool vintage-themed throwback party, McDonald’s will always have your back. So tap on McDelivery and order a Parties@Home Package and throw yourself a party at the comfort of your home now! 

McDonald’s Parties@Home Packages

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