McKiah: This Popular Food Truck Serves Delicious Nasi Ayam Sarang & Nasi Ayam Letup For RM4.90 Only

Lookout For Their Long Queue!

Hello, foodies! When it comes to delicious food that people go back for time and time again, it is safe to say that kitchen size does not matter. Because, the smallest kitchen can whip up the biggest flavours. And, that’s absolutely the case for McKiah food truck. Serving Nasi Ayam Sarang and Nasi Ayam Letup from a food truck, they are super popular among locals and you need to check them out!


McKiah’s Ayam Goreng Berempah Is Freshly Prepared & Fried Daily!

Famously known for their Ayam Sarang and Ayam Letup, there is usually a snaking long queue when their food truck opens. The secret to their delicious food is their cooking method, marinade, and of course, their sambal. Their cooking method for frying the chicken is unique because they deep fry the chicken in a large pot over a central heat. This ensures that all the chicken are evenly cooked and super crispy! And, the good news is that both their signature dishes come with McKiah’s Ayam Goreng Berempah!

Ayam Sarang with Nasi Kuning McKiah, Kari 40 Malam, and Sambal Letup

We’d eat fried chicken and rice on any given day but we’d go back for McKiah’s Ayam Sarang…every day because it’s that good. This Ayam Sarang comes with Nasi Kuning McKiah, juicy Ayam Goreng Berempah (it’s marinated for two whole days!), a boiled egg, kerabu coleslaw and of course, their special Kari 40 Malam. Yes, the spices for this special curry is kept to infuse for 40 nights to give a burst of flavour and we totally love it. Spicy food lovers rejoice because McKiah’s Sambal Letup is not for the faint-hearted because it is really spicy but super tasty. For an extra kick of spice, mix the sambal with the kari to get a boost of flavour!

Ayam Letup with Nasi Kukus McKiah, Sambal Letup, and Tauhu & Tempe

Photo: Ayam Letup (RM4.90)

Next up is, McKiah’s Ayam Letup that is equally mouth-watering. This food truck specialises in only two dishes but they are both big on flavours. This Ayam Letup comes with Nasi Kukus McKiah, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Sambal Letup, sup, kerabu coleslaw, tauhu and tempe. Warning: their Sambal Letup is super spicy but super delicious! The flavours in this dish really pack a punch and we guarantee that’ll you enjoy it. Plus, it’s only RM4.90! Isn’t that a bargain for a delicious meal? You bet it is!

Lookout For McKiah Food Truck At A Location Near You (Listed Below)


Are you excited to try McKiah? We bet you are, so, do lookout for their food truck at the locations listed above! Plus, their usual snaking long queue of customers would be a guide for you because so many locals go back for their Ayam Sarang and Ayam Letup, over and over again! Trust us, this is one tiny kitchen that serves up deliciously big flavours that we know you’ll love. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments! Bye for now!

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