MCO Phase 4: One Family Member Can Now Accompany You For Grocery Shopping


  • MCO phase 4 introduces new rules and regulations.
  • You can now have 1 family member accompany you for grocery shopping within 10km of home.
  • There are 15 basic services available during this period.

In a blink of an eye, we have already reached phase 4 of MCO. With over a month of staying at home, it is heartwarming to see the dropping numbers of Coronavirus in Malaysia. Starting from today until 12th May 2020, we are officially in the MCO phase 4. During this period, there are updated rules and regulations. One of which is 2 people in a car! Scroll below for more new rules!

MCO Phase 4: 1 Family Member Can Accompany You For Grocery

Photo: Sinchew Daily (Official)

When it comes to MCO, there have been stricter rules and laws in the past few weeks to retain the Coronavirus. However, with the recent decrease in numbers, the government is relaxing many regulations during MCO phase 4. One important piece of news is you can now travel with another family member for food, necessities, medicines or supplements within 10KM of the home.

Photo: Everydayonsales (Official)

According to Sin Chew Daily, it is also stated that anyone who needs to travel to another area must have  “special and specific reasons”. Additionally, they will need to have an approved document with writing. Furthermore, the 15 basic services available during MCO phase 4 includes:

  • Food services
  • Medical services (nutritional supplements)
  • Water supply
  • Energy
  • Security and Defense
  • Garbage and public cleaning management, sewage
  • Sea, land, air transportation services
  • Ports, airports and airport services (loading and unloading, cargo handling and storage)
  • Communication and networking
  • Banking and finance
  • E-commerce
  • Production of fuel and lubricants, refining, storage, supply and distribution
  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Any approved by the Minister Work, industry and commerce
  • Transportation

Together, We Can Fight This Together

Photo: The Star (Official)

With a new set of rules and regulations, it is still important that we shouldn’t roam around freely. It’s better to listen to these rules. Otherwise, anyone found violating the regulations shall be fined with a maximum of RM1000 or jail for up to 6 months. Anyways, we hope our country will get better and soon turn into a green zone. Stay safe and healthy! See you in the next post.

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