MITI Malaysia: Police Permit Not Required For Those Travelling Inter-District & Interstate For Work


  • Inter-district and interstate travels for work-related purposes will not need official permit by the police
  • You will only need official letter by MITI as well as your employment letter/pass
  • Letter by MITI will not need to be stamped by the police as well

Work-Related Inter-District & Interstate Travels Allowed Without Police Approval

The Ministry Of International Trade And Industry (MITI) Malaysia has just confirmed via a tweet on their official page that inter-district and interstate travels for work will only require an official letter from MITI and employment letter or employment pass. The MITI letter produced will not need the official police stamp.

It was announced yesterday that inter-district and interstate travels without an official permit by the police will not be allowed across the country. The inter-district and interstate ban applies to all states in Malaysia, starting from 10 May to 6 June 2021. The ban will be reviewed again after two weeks.

Source: MITI Malaysia

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