Möge Tee Opens New Outlet in Kepong With Their Must-Try Tea Drinks And Soufflé Pancakes

With over 300 outlets across the world (and counting), Möge Tee has won the hearts of tea-lovers internationally. Originating from China, it has successfully expanded to Australia, United States, Dubai, and Japan. Möge Tee received raved reviews and overwhelming responses from its patrons whom visited their first outlet in SS2, Petaling Jaya and SS15, Subang. For those of you who don’t live or work around those areas, worry not, for they have now expanded their reach with a new outlet in Kepong with their world-renowned soufflé pancakes!


New Outlet in Kepong!

Outlet in Kepong

Yes, we’re aware that milk tea is a trend that has spread like wildfire that it’s everywhere now. It got so popular that anywhere you go for makan, there’ll be at least two if not more milk tea shops around the area. However, Möge Tee is unlike most other outlets as they bring a unique touch with themselves, making your visit for refreshments feel more wholesome than ever! Möge Tee puts a brand new spin on tea-inspired drinks to deliver the finest, most deliciously interesting and rich flavours unlike any other to their patrons.

World-Famous Pillow-Soft Soufflé Pancakes!

Crème Brulee Soufflé pancakes is lovingly torched in situ

Another thing about Möge Tee is that they don’t only serve tea-inspired drinks, but also allow for one to top their refreshments off with some sweetly mean dessert. How so? Well, they serve world-famous pillow-soft soufflé pancakes alongside their drinks! When visiting their new outlets, you CANNOT miss it.

Möge Tee has their soufflé pancakes prepared there and then, which is probably how the soufflé pancakes stay oh so fluffy. With ice cream so exquisitely creamy flooding around the fluffy, cloud-like soufflé pancakes, they prove to be sinfully mind-blowing with each piece forked into your mouth. Generous portions of sweet fruits and boba pile atop the mountains of soufflé pancakes, adding even more flavour to what is already a mouth-gasm of a dessert.

The Bubble Flow Soufflé is a must-must-must-try! No kidding — despite being on a diet (yes, of course I have to take care of what I put in my mouth too despite being with KL Foodie), I couldn’t help but bring forks after spoons of their soufflé pancakes into my waiting, gaping mouth.

Of Course, There Are Awesome Tea Drinks To Be Had!



This is not your standard milk tea shop. No, Möge Tee serves tea-based drinks in many tastes. Creating a sweet blend between tea and fruits, a must-try would be their Super Fruit Green Tea.


Friendly staff doing her thing

Detailing Detailed Details:


? This eatery is Muslim-friendly.

? Kepong Location: B-G-3, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

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