Morganfield’s Releases New Menu Featuring Items RM20 and Below!

I’m sure many of us have our selection of restaurants that we would go to should we organise a celebration for a special occasion; be it to celebrate birthdays or career promotions, in karaokes or buffet restaurants, we all have our set preferences. After all, it would only make sense to go back to that place you know you’re comfortable dining in, has great value for money, and some of the best-tasting food. From now on, however, you may want to consider Morganfield’s as your new go-to, as they have just designed a new menu featuring affordable prices for their equally-amazing food!


Morganfield’s New Menu

Morganfield's Exterior
Morganfield’s Exterior

Striving to give customers good food with more affordable prices, they’ve revealed a new menu which features over 40 new dishes, with bold new flavours never presented before. Yes, you won’t have to worry about overheating your phone with stupendously large transactions, as most of their new products are priced below RM20!

Here are the things that we got!

1. Baby Octopus (RM18.95)

New Baby Octopus in Morganfield's
Baby Octopus in Morganfield’s

2. Aglio Seafood Pot (RM22.95)

New Aglio Seafood Pot in Morganfield's
Aglio Seafood Pot in Morganfield’s

3. Grilled Spiral Sausage (RM16.95)

New Grilled Spiral Sausage in Morganfield's
Grilled Spiral Sausage in Morganfield’s

4. Salted Egg Chicken Thigh (RM17.95)

New Salted Egg Chicken Thigh in Morganfield's
Salted Egg Chicken Thigh in Morganfield’s

5. Grilled Pork Neck (RM14.95)

New Grilled Pork Neck in Morganfield's
Grilled Pork Neck in Morganfield’s

6. Sautéed Luncheon Meat & Potato Sticks (RM16.95)

New Sautéed Luncheon Meat & Potato Sticks in Morganfield's
Sautéed Luncheon Meat & Potato Sticks in Morganfield’s

7. Grilled Chicken Yakitory (RM16.95)

New Grilled Chicken Yakitory in Morganfield's
Grilled Chicken Yakitory in Morganfield’s

8. Cajun Butter Pork Steak (RM19.95)

New Cajun Butter Pork Steak in Morganfield's
Cajun Butter Pork Steak in Morganfield’s

9. Balinese Style Baby Back Ribs (RM25.95)

New Balinese Style Baby Backs Ribs in Morganfield's
Balinese Style Baby Backs Ribs in Morganfield’s

10. Flat Bread Smoked Duck (RM21.95)

New Flat Bread Smoked Duck in Morganfield's
Flat Bread Smoked Duck in Morganfield’s

11. Sloppy Joe Nachos (RM16.95)

New Sloppy Joe Nachos in Morganfield's
Sloppy Joe Nachos in Morganfield’s

12. Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs Full Slab with Two Sides (RM95.95)

New Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs Full Slab in Morganfield's
Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs Full Slab in Morganfield’s

13. Fruit Pavlova (RM14.95)

New Fruit Palova in Morganfield's
Fruit Pavlova in Morganfield’s

Portion Your Meal As You Please

Food Overview at Morganfield's
Food Overview at Morganfield’s

If you’ve ever been to Morganfield’s, you would know for a fact that they hold nothing back when serving you — especially not the portion of the food. Even at our hungriest, they’ve always been able to put a satisfied sigh in us at the end of our meals. Many, however, do not eat nearly as much as we do. Upon receiving feedback that their portions are too large for many customers to finish, they’ve added the ability for you to customise the number of sides that accompanies your meals. Fret not, however, as they’ll still be serving you with an equally large portion of their mains, making sure you experience their best to the fullest!

A New Approach & A New Look

Morganfield's Interior
Morganfield’s Interior

Morganfield’s Pavilion, which was the one we at KL Foodie had the pleasure of dining in, had just been refurbished. Spotting a new big screen, they televise broadcasts of live sports events for any sport-fanatics who join them in the evening!

Big TV Screen in Morganfield's Pavilion
Big TV Screen in Morganfield’s Pavilion
Morganfield's Bar
Morganfield’s Bar

Range of New Mocktails and Speciality Drinks

Hot Teapot Fruit in Morganfield's
Hot Teapot Fruit in Morganfield’s

Tailored especially to satisfy the health-conscious, they’ve just introduced an array of new mocktails and speciality drinks to their menu, too! Amongst them include the Fruit Teapot, Hot Herb, Spice Teapot, and Vita Booster. Go give ’em a try and let us know what you think of them!

Coffee On The Rocks in Morganfield's
Coffee On The Rocks in Morganfield’s


Awesome Threesome Promotion
Awesome Threesome Promotion

No no, it’s not the dirty kind. This one’s a promotion for all beer aficionados out there who just can’t seem to quench that thirst for alcohol, or for those who come with a group of friends for a late laid-back session of drinking.

Special Flash Deal Here Now!

Morganfield's Special Flash Deal
Morganfield’s Special Flash Deal

Grab a Small Sampler Plate, on the house! Available for any and all for the entirety (and only) the first week of August. Head over to enjoy a little extra something while you dine with Morganfield’s now!

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