MyeongDong Topokki Shakes Out New Shake Shake Chi-Ken For All Korean Fried Chicken Lovers

Taking fried chicken to a whole new level

Annyeong, foodies! Pretty sure none of us can ever say no to Korean fried chicken because…well, it’s fried chicken! But, what if we can take it to a whole new level by adding some spice, tanginess and even cheese. Yes please! MyeongDong Topokki has just released a spanking new series of Korean fried chicken – and you have to shake it to believe it.


MyeongDong Topokki Introduces All New Mouth-Watering Shake Shake Chi-Ken

Photo: (From Left) Hot, Cheese & Sour Flavours
Photo: @myeongdongtopokki (Instagram)

Shake it til’ you make it with those crispy yet tender fried chicken. With three different flavours of hot, sour and cheese to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your tastebud. Perfectly coated fried chicken couldn’t be any easier than this! Making your ordinary fried chicken more extraordinary than ever.

It’s real simple and fun to do it as well! All you have to do is pick your favourite flavour and put everything in the paper bag. Then, just shake, shake and SHAKE. And voila! Irresistibly delicious fried chicken is all ready to devour down. They’re great as party snacks as well!

Photo: KL Foodie


Cheeeeeeesy Corn Sausage That Is A Cheese Heaven By Itself

Photo: Chez Jeu Corn Sausage

While you’re at it with their Shake Shake Chi-ken, why not pair it with another guilty pleasure – Cheese Sausage! Imagine biting into a corn sausage and in that moment, hot gooey cheese flooding into your mouth. Now don’t just think about it, try it for yourself with MyeongDong Topokki’s Chez Jeu Corn Sausage! Every single bite into it is highly addictive, you’ll finish one large corn sausage before you even know it. A perfect guilty-pleasure snack that’s every bit the irresistible food it is.

Korean Delights You Cannot Miss Out On

Photo: @myeongdongtopokki (Instagram)

MyeongDong Topokki is not only known for their Korean street food that has got you hooked on. But they also offer a wide range of Korean delights that will definitely satisfy your cravings. We all know the craving is real especially after watching a Korean drama or reality show that’s beaming with signature Korean delights.

Photo: Soy Garlic Topokki

Topokki is a must-try here! Since they have it in their name, you can’t pass the chance to try their ever so mouth-watering Topokki. Offering 5 different variations of topokki, pick it according to the level of spiciness that you can take. Or better yet, get them all for a Topokki feast with your friends and family.

Photo: Kimchi Jigae
Photo: Hangul Chicken Ramyun

A fan of spicy kimchi enveloping your taste buds? Opt for their wide variety of mains that uses kimchi as their base. Nothing screams comfort food like a steaming hot bowl of Kimchi Jigae paired with white rice. Filled with ingredients such as beef, mushrooms, vegetables and tofu, the stew is boiled to rich perfection.

Go for something lighter like their Hangul Chicken Ramyun that has fried chicken paired together with chewy and springy Korean noodles. The flavoursome soup ties every thing together with its perfect balance of spicy and savoury in a bowl.

Photo: @myeongdongtopokki (Instagram)

Besides that, go for the classic Korean basic meal that everyone enjoys – Dakgalbi Chicken Deopbap. Stir-fried chicken meat in rich dakgalbi sauce – giving it a spicy kick in every bite. Best of all, each mains come with a value set of refillable pan chan (side dishes) of 3 times and green tea! You don’t have to worry about not being full enough.


Drinks To Complete Your Korean Street Food Experience

Photo: Honey Jujube, Honey Vera, Honey Citron

Refresh your palate from all the rich heaviness of the kimchi and fried chi-kens by ordering from their range of invigorating drinks. Made from real fruit extracts, their line of fizzy drinks is light and highly addictive. The best thing is – they’re all honey-based drinks so don’t worry, they’ll be great for your fiery throat.

Visit Your Nearest MyeongDong Topokki Outlet For A Great Korean Feast Without Leaving The Country

Photo: KL Foodie

If you have one of those crazy Korean food cravings or just any Monday where you need a whole of comfort food to get through the week, head on over to MyeongDong Topokki. And, they’re well spread out throughout the entire Klang Valley. This is the place where they have all your guilty pleasures, from fried food to cheesy goodness, gathered in one spot. So, you don’t have to fly to Korea but just walk to MyeongDong Topokki for a satisfying Korean affair.

MyeongDong Topokki @ Paradigm Mall


Address: LG 11 & 12, Paradigm Mall No 1, Jalan SS7/26A Kelana Jaya 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours: 10am – 10pm

Other Locations

  • Sunway Pyramid
  • 1 Utama
  • Sunway Putra
  • The Mines
  • Setia City Mall
  • IPC Shopping Centre
  • Sunway Velocity
  • SS15
  • Central i-City, Shah Alam
  • Aeon Nilai
  • KiP Mall, Sepang
  • Bangi Gateway
  • Palm Mall
  • Mesa Mall
  • Kuantan City Mall
  • Aeon Ipoh Station 18
  • Ipoh Parade
  • Melaka
  • Sebarang Perai, Pulau Pinang
  • Paradigm Mall, Johor
  • Kuala Terengganu
  • Taipan USJ (Coming soon)

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

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