Pandemic Fatigue: Freshen Up Your Day with The Perfect Companion! Always Di C.C.Mu (Psst: Rich in Vitamin C too)

You have a long day with all the unstoppable Teams Meeting, and always racing against the deadline. With a continuously increasing number of cases and you can’t seem to move around. We’ve got your back! It’s tiring and we totally understand. So here are some of the ways to help lighten up your pandemic fatigue:

  1. Munch On Chips and Watch Your favorite Series on Netflix

Netflix has a whole bunch of good series to binge on. If you’re into the whole mafia shenanigans, Peaky Blinders is hands down one of the best series out there. Munch on your chips and binge-watch all 5 seasons! You might want to consider a brand new C.C.Lemon. We’ve discovered this brand new, lightly carbonated and rich in Vitamin C drink that would for sure freshen up your day! Take a gulp, it is surely a perfect companion to accompany your movie night!

2. Play Board Games/ Cards with Your Family or Housemates

Board games and cards are never out of style. The famous ones like Cards Against Humanity, Uno or take on a heart-to-heart session with ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ card pack. While having a good time, serve your opponent with a can of C.C.Lemon that is rich in Vitamin C that has refreshing in taste too! PS: They might even let you win because of how good is the lightly carbonated drink of C.C.Lemon!

3. Cook a Simple Dish & Enjoy The Process with Your Loved Ones

Food is always the answer to soothe and uplift one’s mood. Having good food paired with a splendid drink together with your loved ones is always something worth looking forward to. Since we can’t dine in, we can always cook our favourite dishes and share it out with our partners. Change the table setting to be a bit romantic for a couple, or you can always have your simple favourite instant noodle while watching your favourite movie. Uplift the taste of your scrumptious food by gulping a can of C.C.Lemon. You are not only going to enjoy good food, but also get a richly packed of Vitamin C from C.C.Lemon!

New C.C.Lemon Lightly Carbonated Drink is What You Need As your Perfect Companion

Here’s a little fun fact. The New C.C.Lemon is a very well-known beverage which is proven in Japan as it is the No. 1 brand there! The new drink is a lightly carbonated drink that’s infused with refreshing lemon flavour and rich in Vitamin C. Take a gulp of it and you’ll crave more for its refreshing taste.


We’ve personally tried out this new drink and we have to say, it’s a great thirst quencher! Bubbly, light and refreshing, it invigorates the taste buds with a pop of citrus flavour. Unlike many other carbonated drinks, it’s not too sweet on the palate and the greatest thing is that C.C.Lemon is rich in Vitamin C too, which is the much-needed vitamin during this pandemic season.

Complements every meal, C.C.Lemon is a perfect companion for any food and occasion. Enjoy a perfect companion of C.C.Lemon with your best buddy. Spark conversations with a can of this drink in hand during social bonding moments and the upcoming celebrations and festivals!


P.S, did we tell you that C.C.Lemon is available at 7-Eleven and selected stores near you? Don’t forget to tag your buddy and try out this new drink together. That’s all, take care and buh bye!


Participating Stores: 7-Eleven, Shell Petrol Station, Tesco, Giant, Aeon and Aeon Big

Link: Instagram

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