This New Cafe & Patisserie In KL Looks Amazing & It’s The Perfect Place For Pastry Lovers

Choux Pastry, Donuts And More!

Hello, foodies! Carbs is everybody’s best friend and we all definitely know someone who’s crazy about bread or pastry. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked goods? On that topic, we’re here to share with you a new spot that’s about to be your new go-to place for bread, pastries, and all things magical that you can find in a patisserie. We’re talking about none other than – Orito KL, Bread & Patisserie.


Orito: This New Patisserie Is Where You Go For Decadent Bread & Pastries

Photo: @yvonnesoo (Instagram)
Image: @yvonnesoo (Instagram)

Of decadent choux pastry, stuffed donuts and more, this place is certainly heaven for pastry lovers. Nestled in Plaza Damas, this new patisserie is called Orito and it boasts a stunning modern-looking interior that will soon have everyone flooding in – and, not just for the aesthetics. And that’s because their pastries look so darn good and we bet that it tastes divine too!

Photo: @jd_chang (Instagram)

If you didn’t know, choux pastry is a delicate pastry dough that is highly versatile because you can use it to make so many different desserts. And, that is where the secret of creating something delicious lies in Orito. Their choux pastry creations do not only look incredibly appetising but there are plenty of flavours that you can try. Some of these flavours include: Paris Brest (hazelnut praline and cream), Matcha, Dark Chocolate and more!

Photo: (Instagram)

The Perfect Spot For A Tea Break

Photo: @yvonnesoo (Instagram)
Image: @jasmine.chin (Instagram)

Admit it – we’re all guilty of visiting a place for its aesthetics but now, newer cafes seem to be killin’ it both ways with jaw-dropping interiors and F&B offerings as well. And, that’s absolutely the case for Orito. It is no doubt that their interior looks gorgeous and there is also plenty of room for everyone to take Instagram-worthy photos no matter where you seat yourself. Delicious tea time snacks and a cosy setting? …Off we go!

Photo: @jd_chang (Instagram)
Image: @rey.winter.stuff (Instagram)

Pastry Heaven At Orito KL

Photo: @limfish (Instagram)
Image: @jd_chang (Instagram)

The holiday season is coming and that calls for treating yourself or taking a break from work! Sure, some of us go to spas or watch telly all day to relax, but the rest of us…eat carbs. Nothing beats a good bite of bread or pastry to make us feel all jolly. Have you been to Orito yet? If you haven’t, tag someone you would like to bring to this place in the comments! Bye for now, and stay safe!

Orito KL

Address: Plaza Damas, B-0-5, 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 9am – 6pm (Tuesday to Friday), 10am – 6pm (Weekends), Closed on Mondays
Feature image(s) credit: @yvonnesoo (Instagram)

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