This Pastry Shop In KL Has Many Cool Purple Cakes

Favourite colour of all time!

Happy, happy, news! You Can Now Get Purple Cakes Bites At RT Pastry! RT Pastry has been serving sweet treats since their formation in 2003, and now, they are bringing you a brand new experience that will tickle your taste buds, Purple Cake Bites! Spoiler alert! Scroll all the way down through amazing photographs of their new creations to find out about discounts of their brand new baked goods.


You Can Now Get Purple Cakes Bites At RT Pastry!


Milk Chocolate Lychee Berry Cake

Let’s take a moment to let that cake to sink in. You guessed it! The highlight of their Purple Cake Bites is Milk Chocolate Lychee Berry Cake. The purple perfection comprise of four types of berries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries! Lovers of berries will be absolutely thrilled! It is also infused with the all-time favourite lychee.

RM 58.00

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Earl Grey Milk Chocolate

If you don’t fancy berries, RT Pastry has something else for you! Try out their Earl Grey Milk Chocolate! The purple square cake has a few layers! As it is made mostly out of 4 types of berries, it makes the perfect birthday cake for people who loves it! Who doesn’t? As the year 2018 brings us mirror-glaze cakes, RT Pastry joins the bandwagon by topping it off with a cool blue glaze.


RM 38.00

Purple Velvet Omelette

If you are looking for something small, sweet, and on-the-go, Purple Velvet Omelette is the best option. A round layer of cake sandwiches a generous of cream! The small treat is topped off with a sprinkle of nuts. The no mess treat comes with a plastic container. Psst, the small treat with big flavours will be a hit in family gatherings, and also in the office!


RM 7.60

Sweet Purple Bagel

In the recent news, we found out that Ice T, the iconic rapper, and also the actor from Law & Order: SVU, had never eaten a bagel before! Say, what? If you have never eaten a bagel before in your life, you are missing out. Try out Sweet Purple Bagel, a perfect breakfast staple. You can eat it by itself, or you can even elevate it to turn it into a full-fledged breakfast!


RM 3.50

Nutty Caramel

Another sensational snack is the almighty Nutty Caramel! The small but mighty snack comes in a purple log with a hint of caramel flavour. To top it off, there is a generous amount of nuts sprinkled on top! It gives that extra crunch, and texture.

RM 4.80

Mighty Sweet Potato

If it isn’t cut into half, it looks like an exact replica of a potato. The Mighty Sweet Potato looks like an actual potato with an oval shape and a dark tone exterior. The sweet potato definitely changes the game by making the bread even more fluffy! Perfect on-the-go meal!

RM 4.80

Raspberry Cheese Bread

Last but not least, we have Raspberry Cheese Bread! What’s a bakery without some goodness of bread, and cheese? Looks like a Mexican bun, it has a hint of sweet, and salty taste. The sweetness comes from raspberries, and the saltiness comes from the cheese!

RM 3.80

Here Comes The Discount!

From the 10th November 2018 to 2nd December 2018, get 25% off from their new products. That’s right! You can get 25% off from all their Purple Bites Products! What are you most excited to try? Is it their Milk Chocolate Lychee Berry Cake? Or, are you going for something small and sweet like Nutty Caramel? Let us know in the comments!

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