Still Using Cash In 2023? Here’s How You Can Tap, Check, Go and Make Seamless Transactions In Seconds

We bet most of you have encountered this: You’re queuing up to grab something and the person in front of you is taking a decade to dig out his/her cash to pay. This sort of situation can get frustrating especially when you’re in a hurry. In today’s digital era, going cashless has become the norm and making a transaction has never been easier. Say goodbye to bulky wallets and make easy payments with just one card. No credit cards? No worries, learn how you can Tap, Check and Go with your debit card.


5 Reasons Why Paying With Your Debit Card Is Much Better:

Did you know that you don’t need a credit card to make cashless purchases? All you need is a debit card applied from your preferred bank. Protected by your PIN and secured by your bank, your debit card offers quick and easy access to your current or savings account, making it the nation’s go-to safe, contactless payment method for everyday convenience.

No purchase is too big or small for your debit card! Buying things with your debit card is easy with a tap (for transactions less than RM250), and it also doubles as your ATM card to withdraw cash across the globe. Here are FIVE reasons why you should pay using your debit card: 

#1 Easy Access

Unlike credit cards, applying for a debit card is much easier, with less requirements. If you have a current/savings account, chances are you hold a debit card. Remember those days where you have to make multiple trips to the ATM machine just to cash in and out money? Skip the hassle as you can have direct access to your bank account funds with your debit card. 

#2 Quicker Checkout

Don’t be that person who hogs the checkout counter and takes forever to pay, just bring out your debit card, tap, check and go. “Oh no I’ve run out of cash!” Sounds familiar? Don’t panic, just PayWithDebit, you don’t even have to make a trip to your nearest ATM machine. 

#3 Reduced Risk

“Ah girl don’t carry so much cash with you, later people rob you ah.” Cash-free also means worry-free when a debit card is thin, sleek and takes up little to no space in our wallet. Do us a favour, free your wallet from multiple small notes and coins okay? Some of you might think that the cashless mechanism is not secure. For transactions above RM250, you will be required to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

#4 No Learning Curve

Unlike other cashless transactions like e-wallets, paying with your debit card doesn’t require you to download any apps. Meaning to say, you don’t have to learn multiple steps and take a period of time to get used to an app. Hence it’s more convenient, especially for elderly. 


#5 Easy To Track Expenses

Disclaimer: Debit card is not a credit card, it is linked to your current/savings account. With that being said, you can only spend within your means, which reduces the risk of financial debts. Monitor your spending effectively to inculcate stronger financial discipline and peace of mind.

Your debit card could bring you so much convenience, like tap, check, and go! It saves so much time and your retail experience would be a breeze. Plus, it comes with a lot of benefits and rewards, depending on which debit card you apply to. Let’s all make cashless transactions more accessible and use PayWithDebit together! 



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