Spot This Hot Pink LRT Feeder Van From RapidKL That’s Exclusively In Wangsa Maju, KL


  • RapidKL LRT Feeder Van service is now on trial in Wangsa Maju, KL
  • Three feeder vans will run from 6AM to 12AM daily, every 20 minutes
  • RM1 fare price with My30 Unlimited Travel Pass, Touch ‘N Go and concession cards only

The daily commute to work can be tiring, especially if you depend entirely on the public transport. The most horrifying one would most probably be during rush hour, where you have to wait for several turns to get on the train or bus. Maybe you won’t have to wait as long with this brand new RapidKL LRT feeder service that utilises incredibly adorable pink vans!

RapidKL’s NEW LRT Feeder Van Is On A Trial Run Now

Photo: MyRapid

According to the media release by MyRapid, the hot pink vans will be on a test run for four months, starting from 16 November 2020 to 16 March 2021. There will be a total of three vans on the road and each can fit a maximum capacity of 10 riders.

The LRT feeder van service is available daily every 20 minutes, from 6AM to 12AM Midnight. Riders will need to pay a fee of RM1 through their My30 Unlimited Travel Pass, Touch ‘N Go and concession cards only.

However, the vans are only running in one route at the moment as it’s on a trial run. Route T252 is a brand new route that has never been used by RapidKL buses before as the roads are too narrow for such a wide vehicle to pass through. This will be great news for residents in the area!

Photo: MyRapid

If you’re a resident from the selected route, do try it out! RapidKL welcomes your feedback or suggestion on the route as there are certainly plans to further expand the feeder van service in the future. For those who are keen to use the service, you can now the exact locations of the vans through apps like Google Maps and Moovit app. Or you can go on to the MyRapid Bus Kiosk online portal.

Are You Excited For More Pink LRT Feeder Vans In The Future?

This is certainly a long time coming, especially for those living in areas with limited accessibility to public transport in the city. Hopefully the trial run goes well and we get to see more of these hot pink vans on the road! Will you try the feeder vans out yourself in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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