Loosen Up At This Instaworthy Resort Surrounded By Crystal Clear Water In Sabah

Let’s be honest. Having a vacation overseas is one of the most common things people put on their bucket list. But hey, don’t forget that Malaysia doesn’t fall short from other countries too! This time we will be looking at the only resort in Malaysia that has a panoramic view of Tun Sakaran Marin Park. Resulting in great aqua life gazing spot and a breathtaking natural swimming pool.

lato lato resort
Photo: @SheyhaFasiha (Facebook)

The Maldives Of Malaysia

lato lato resort
Photo: @SheyhaFasiha (Facebook)

Built on stilts on top of corals, the Lato Lato Resort might be the escape you are looking for. Here, you will be staying at a water bungalow and obtain the access to directly jump down into the lucid sea from your quarters. Getting the chance to live as another seafarer and exploring the beauty of marine life. At night, you can open your windows and fall asleep to the reassuring lullaby of gentle waves.

lato lato resort
Photo: @latolatoresort (Instagram)

Offering Immerse With The Ocean While Riding On Clear Kayak

lato lato resort
Photo: @jomround_sem4na (Instagram)

The resort also offers kayaking and snorkelling activity that will take you on a life-changing trip. This might be your only chance to enjoy a personal slow cruise over the ever so serene and colourful corals. Plus! They are now offering clear kayak for those who wanted to get a full-blown immersive experience. Forget all of your problems for once and enjoy the breeze above the luminous and wide ocean.

Address: Pulau Bum Bum 91308 Semporna Settlement, Sabah

Contact: 017-306 8622

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram | Website

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