Step-By-Step Packaging Guide For Beginner Shopee Sellers

If you’re a Shopee seller then this packaging guideline article is perfect for you. Whether you’re a seasoned or new seller, packing your items to send it to your buyers can sometimes be stressful especially when you’re sending a fragile item. Besides that, making sure that your buyer is more than satisfied with their purchases so they will be a returning customer is also a top priority. In this article, we will be listing the things that you need, where to get them, and a step-by-step to pack your orders. 


Things That You Will Need:

Shopee seller packaging
Photo: Shopee

Carton Box

Packing Tape

Bubble Wrap

Shrink Wrap

Black Shrink Wrap

Air Cushion



Tape Gun


Tape Dispenser

Fragile Sticker



A Guide To Packing Orders

As a seller, you are able to avoid damages or delays, request for refunds by buyers for their orders and achieve more positive reviews and in turn get more return and new buyers when the right technique and materials are being used to pack your orders. 


This simple packing step is generic and versatile which can be used for almost every product. There are only 4 steps to this packing style.

Shopee seller packaging
Photo: Shopee

Step 1: Wrap an item with 2-3 rounds of bubble wrap.


Step 2: If there is another item to the order, pack it separately.

Step 3: Use a larger box or pouch to pack the item(s). Then fill the empty space with filler material. 

Step 4: Secure the box or pouch by taping any opening(s) and seams. 

How To Pack A Clothing Product

There are only 3 simple steps to this guide that will ensure the satisfaction of your buyers.

Photo: Shopee

Step 1: Fold the clothing neatly to a size that fits the pouch.

Step 2: Wrap the product with parchment papers.

Step 3: Pack the clothing into a pouch and seal it properly. 

Packing Guide For High-Value Electronics

Keeping electronics such as tablets, computers, laptops, monitors and television protected can be tricky because of how fragile they are so here are 5 steps to ensure that the electronic products are safe. 

Photo: Shopee

Step 1: Make sure that the cardboard that you are using is sturdy and slightly bigger than the item. 

Step 2: Pack any other accessories separately in a plastic bag so it will not scratch the electronics. 

Step 3: Use styrofoam padding as a cushion and to fill the empty spaces in the box. 

Step 4: Ensure that all seams and openings of the box are being secured properly with tape.  

Step 5: Wrap an extra few layers of bubble wrap around the box to prevent any damages from impact during the shipping process. 

Packing Guide For Liquid Products 

To prevent any leakage or damage, here are 4 simple steps to pack any liquid products. 

Photo: Shopee

Step 1: Seal the cap of the bottle with tape then wrap the bottle with bubble wrap for at least 2-3 rounds.  

Step 2: If there are multiple bottles in an order, put a divider in the box to be packed.

Step 3: Fill any empty or remaining spaces with filler materials. 

Step 4: Seal any openings or seams of the box with a tape. 

Bonus useful tips:

  1. Use the H-method when taping your packaging.
  2. Use fragile stickers for your products to prevent any damages.
  3. Leave a ‘Thank you’ note and a reminder for buyers to give you a 5 star review in the packaging.

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