6 Ways To Earn Shopee Coins That Helped Me Save RM300 So Far

It’s true, we constantly try to find items that are not only from trustable sellers but also the cheapest. Apart from Free Shipping and other discount vouchers, did you know Shopee offers coins that can be used to redeem selected items or convert them into discounts? Here are 6 major ways to earn and collect Shopee Coins and save more on your next purchase.

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6 Ways To Collect Shopee Coins For More Discounts & Rewards

1. Completed Orders

Shopee Coins
Photo: Shopee (Website)

As you already know, you will definitely earn Shopee coins after your order is completed. Yes, you are entitled to earn 1 Shopee Coin for every RM1 for orders made from any Shopee Preferred or Shopee Mall sellers. For instance, if your order’s final purchase price (after discounts & shipping fees) is RM50, then you will automatically receive 50 Shopee Coins after completing your order.

However, do take note that you can only collect a maximum of 100 coins per order despite the total amount being above RM100. You also can collect 150 coins daily and 300 coins per week through this method. Also, remember the coins will expire in 3 months after being credited to your account.

2. Rating Purchased Products

Shopee Coins
Photo: Shopee (Website)

Another easy way to earn Shopee Coins is by rating purchased products. Using this method, you can earn up to 5 coins per product provided that the review contains at least 50 characters, 1 photo and 1 video. While 3 coins will be rewarded if your review contains 50 characters and 1 photo or 1 video.

3. Daily Coins Rewards

Shopee Coins
Photo: Shopee (Website)

You can also earn Shopee Coins daily by clicking the ‘Free Coins Daily, Check-In Now‘ or ‘Daily Coins Rewards’ icon on the Shopee homepage. By clicking that, you will be directed to the ‘Coins Reward Page‘ where you can earn FREE coins by clicking the ‘Check-In Today To Get 1 Coin‘ button. What’s best is that you can earn more than 1 Coin if you check in on consecutive days. But, do take note that if you accidentally miss a day, your streak will be lost and you will have to start again from square one.

4. Marketing Activities & Games

Here comes the fun part. Did you know Shopee has games? You can find Shopee games on the ‘Shopee Prizes‘ page. Either you plant a tree at Shopee Farm and harvest Shopee Coins and other amazing rewards. Or, exchange collected diamonds through other games and redeem your Coins later. This is definitely a fun way to collect Coins! There are probably some challenging levels but where’s the fun without them, right?

5. Watch Shopee Live

Shopee Coins
Photo: Shopee (Website)

Next is Shopee Live. Shopee Live is a channel that lets sellers host their own interactive live stream session to promote their shops and products directly to Shopee users. During the live event, you may find additional perks and rewards from the seller such as Shopee Coins and Discount Vouchers. The ‘Reward Coins‘ icon may appear at any time during the live stream, and you can simply click on ‘Claim‘ to earn the coins.

6. Coins Cashback Rewards

Shopee Coins
Photo: Shopee (Website)

Shopee surely has many vouchers to offer. Aside from the most wanted Free Shipping and RM15 OFF vouchers, 10% Cashback is definitely another rewarding option. Not only that you get to use this voucher, Free Shipping voucher and Shopee Coins altogether, but you will also get 10% or 25% cashback in Shopee coins form. Although most of the cashback vouchers do not require a minimum amount of purchase, they can only be used on Cashback Sellers or selected shops only.

Happy Shopping!

To date, I have saved about RM300 throughout my Shopee shopping. So, I hope that this information can be a tad helpful. A 100 Shopee Coins is equivalent to RM1 and can be used to redeem items on Shopee as well. Hence, don’t forget to claim the vouchers and collect your coins! Also, do check out our Facebook page for some amazing and most-bought Shopee items. Happy shopping!

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