Sunbather Coffee: The Must-Visit Dessert Cafe With Japanese Sandos & More In Petaling Street?

Come for its Instagram-worthy cosy interiors, and stay for its decadent desserts.

There’s nothing quite like refreshing desserts and a hearty brunch meal, and if the thought of Japanese desserts excites you, Sunbather Coffee is just the place for you. While its name suggests, its speciality lies in aromatic coffee, its unique takes on desserts and hot meals draw patrons to visit. If you’re looking for a spot to dine and unwind, Sunbather Coffee offers both sweet and savoury! 

Sunbather Coffee In Chinatown Is Where You Head For Unique Japanese Desserts And Meals


Sunbather charms passersby with their unconventional storefront featuring tatami seating right at the entrance. Inside, the white walls, concrete flooring, and wood accents turn every spot in the cafe into a cosy and welcoming concept. 

Sunbather Tatami Seating


A sister cafe to Kakiyuki Ice and Take A Bow, this Yōshoku house and dessert cafe is nothing short of impressive. If you’re looking for brunch and something sweet to bookend the experience, Sunbather Coffee will not disappoint!

Sunbather Desserts Meals

Heavenly Desserts That Are Certainly Scene Stealers

It’s probably a rare occasion to start with desserts, but Sunbather’s sweet delights are an exception. Its desserts emphasise unconventional tastes that delight the eyes and the palate – each unique on its own.

Sunbather Desserts

Fruit Pudding Parfait

Fruit Pudding Parfait

For the discerning sweet tooth, Fruit Pudding Parfait is not to miss. The parfait features silky and creamy custard pudding, strawberry and ice cream that just hits the spot. For a little twist on the classic, savour its Miyuna Parfait.

Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream

Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream

An ode to the classic Japanese dessert, this Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream comes in a sundae glass, on a bed of coffee jelly with a layer of creamy vanilla mascarpone, topped with blue pea vanilla ice cream with a sweet and spicy maple cinnamon wafer attached. This sweet treat is utterly irresistible!

Shaved Ice Desserts To Beat The Heat

The history of Kakigori goes back to the Heian period, with blocks of ice saved during winter would be shaved. Today, the shavings are taken from flavoured milk, and toppings can be generous.

A treat to your taste buds, Sunbather’s Kakigoris are all unexpected twists! 

D24 Chocolate

D24 Chocolate

D24 Chocolate is especially a must-try kakigori. Each bite gives just the right balance of sweet and creamy with a burst of aromatic D24 durian wonderfully paired with the rich chocolate sauce.

D24 Chocolate

Although it may be a strange flavour combination, this turns out to be a dynamic duo!

Chitose Strawberry

Chitose Strawberry

If you’re looking for something fruity and refreshing, you’ll be pleased with Chitose Strawberry! It’s a light Kakigori with sweet and tart strawberry sauce, fluffy milk espuma, condensed milk, and a fresh juicy Chitose strawberry. 

Chitose Strawberry

Other decadent delights you should definitely try are Tiramisu topped with chocolate caviar, Sunny Cheesecake, a scene-stealer and Matcha Roll Cake, perfect for matcha lovers!

Wholesome Japanese Dishes Perfect For All Day Dining 

Sunbather Big Brekkie

Big Breakie

For more tummy-filling options, get Sunbather Big Brekkie! Dig into chicken and shiso meatball, grilled teriyaki king oyster mushroom, roasted pumpkin, torched mentai tamagoyaki, sausage and scrambled egg onigiri, edamame and corn onigiri with torched cheese and minestrone.  Yes, it’s a lot, hence definitely a big breakfast worth sharing!

Beef Steak Curry Rice

Beef Steak Curry Rice Sunbather

Enjoy the classic Beef Steak Curry Rice. A sumptuous delicacy served with flavourful slices of flank steak from Australian grain-fed beef, steamed rice, pickled radish topped with nori flakes and delightful potato and carrot veggie curry on the side.

Beef Steak Curry Rice Sunbather

It’s rich, savoury and packed with flavour!

Ebi Fry Sando

Ebi Fry Sando

Ebi Fry Sando is a perfectly curated sandwich with succulent deep-fried prawns, creamy egg tartare, sliced cheese, and crunchy cabbage, smothered in tonkatsu sauce in a hearty Shokupan sandwich, making it a perfect brunch meal!

Most importantly, other menu highlights like Mr.O’s Big Breakie, Chicken Katsu Sando, and Sizzling Hambagu are also a must-have!

Mr O’s Big Breakkie Sunbather

Ajitsuke Tamago Sando Sunbather

Sizzling Hambagu Sunbather

When it comes to drinks, Sunbather is a natural experimenter. Get its Ice Latte with Pandan Kanten and Iced Matcha Latte with Hōjicha Kanten to cap off the feast!

Iced Latte with Pandan Kanten Sunbather

Sunbather Iced Matcha with Hōjicha Kanten

Don’t forget to savour its Sparkling Fruit Slushies too! 

A Gastronomic Experience Each Visit

Whether a hot meal or a dessert, Sunbather certainly has all the delightful indulgence you crave! If there’s one spot you can count on minimalist aesthetic vibes, good food, even great desserts, and a warm ambience, Sunbather Coffee is it. 

Sunbather Coffee at Chinatown KL 

Address: 6, Ground Floor, Jalan Panggong, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hour: 10:30am-9:30pm (Tue-Fri), 9:30am-9pm (Sat-Sun, closed on Mon)

Contact: +603-20220883

Status: Muslim-friendly, ingredients sourced from Halal suppliers

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

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