Kopi Kenangan, Southeast Asia’s First New Retail F&B Unicorn Launched Its FIRST Store In Malaysia

There’s a new coffeehouse in Suria KLCC! Introducing the fastest-growing F&B chain in Indonesia and the FIRST Southeast Asia retail F&B brand that hit Unicorn status, Kopi Kenangan, finally opened its doors in Malaysia!

Kopi Kenangan, Best-Loved Coffeehouse in Indonesia

Photo: Kopi Kenangan (Facebook)

Kopi Kenangan is undoubtedly famous for its great-tasting coffees making it the fastest-growing NEW retail F&B chain with over 850 outlets across 64 cities in Indonesia! Founded in 2017, Kopi Kenangan initially target a gap in the market between high-priced coffee served by international coffee chains and instant coffee sold at many of the country’s roadside kiosks and street stalls.

Throughout the years, they have expanded into the food industry by launching a bread brand called Cerita Roti in 2020. Later in 2021, a “Chicken on the Go” brand named Chigo is launched with a soft-cookie brand called Kenangan Manis. By January 2022, they became Southeast Asia’s FIRST NEW Retail F&B chain that hit Unicorn status.

Photo: Kopi Kenangan (Facebook)

The NEW Retail F&B Unicorn Has Finally Landed In Malaysia

Yesterday, the launch was officiated by Kopi Kenangan’s Co-Founders themselves – CEO, Edward Tirtana and Chief Business Development Officer, James Prananto. The opening of Kopi Kenangan’s first store in Suria KLCC marks its first international expansion.

Kopi Kenangan
Photo: Kopi Kenangan (Website)

“We chose Malaysia as our first market expansion due to Malaysians’ love for food, the steady growth in coffee culture, especially the grab-and-go concept, and the many similarities Malaysians share with Indonesians when it comes to taste profile and receptivity to trying new things. The F&B sector’s future also appears promising as Malaysia is transforming into a high-income digital economy with a key focus on digitisation, which is in line with our business operations. We want to export the phenomenal success of our grab-and-go coffee model in Indonesia to overseas markets, starting with Malaysia. We started Kopi Kenangan with the aim of making quality coffee affordable and accessible for everyone and we are thrilled to be sharing our Indonesian coffee flavours with Malaysians,” said Edward Tirtanata, CEO.

“Kopi Kenangan will be operating under the brand name Kenangan Coffee, as the official international name to be used outside of Indonesia. We wanted to emphasise on the word ‘Kenangan’ as it aptly translates to ‘making memories. Everyone who comes to our store is treated like a friend, and every cup of coffee we sell is made with love and we hope this translates to customers making memories with us along this journey.
We aspire to be the most-loved consumer brand in Southeast Asia, and Malaysia will be a key foothold in helping us achieve this mission,” continued James Prananto, Chief Business Development Officer.

Kopi Kenangan

At Kopi Kenangan KLCC, you can find their beloved Signature drinks, Kenangan Latte and Avocado Coffee, as well as a wide range of other coffee selections and food options as a delightful companion to their coffee. The price per cup starts from RM5.90 and is at a sweet price point in line with its brand promise of making quality coffee available to everyone.

In line with its commitment to serving good quality coffee to consumers, the brand also hired Mikael Jasin, currently, the World’s 7th Best Barista (2021) as its head of Coffee, tapping on his tremendous experience and vast knowledge to revolutionise the way Kenangan Coffee is sourced, produced and enjoyed.

Kopi Kenangan
Photo: Kopi Kenangan (Facebook)

More Kopi Kenangan Stores In The Future!

Kopi Kenangan will be opening four more stores in MyTown Cheras, Pavilion KL, NU Sentral and Sunway Pyramid by the end of this year! They have also launched a Training Academy in Uptown, PJ to provide various training programmes for its baristas and employees with the aim to become the best professional F&B training centre in Malaysia.

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Source: Adapted from Press Release

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