This Is Where You Can Dine With An Alpaca In Malaysia

Calling all pet lovers! Did you know that there’s a famous pet-friendly cafe that lets you dine with an alpaca in Malaysia. Yess, it’s none other than the viral Furrito Haus Cafe in Seri Kembangan!   


Have Fun Dining With An Alpaca At Furrito Haus Cafe

Meet Snowy, Furrito’s adorable alpaca that will brighten up your day with smiles and steal your heart with its cuteness! As the undisputed Star of the cafe, Snowy is a one-year-old white alpaca that is imported from Australia. 

Image: @soju.lim (IG)
Image: @serenackyle (IG)

Generally native to South America, Snowy has a gentle and lovable personality and is definitely a rare sight in Malaysia. There are no entrance fees required to enter and all you have to do is to order some food or drinks from the menu to enjoy while playing with Snowy. Don’t forget to feed Snowy with some carrots and take as many pictures as you can for the Gram with him!   

Image: @serenackyle (IG)
Image: @furrito_haus (IG)

Apart from Snowy, you can also meet many other amazing animals here like meerkats, a fennec fox, sugar gliders, goats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, dogs, iguanas and a friendly albino skunk named Scooby. 

Image: @furrito_haus (IG)
Image: @serenackyle (IG)

All the animals are very well taken care of by the owners and their cafe is frequently cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis as well. Furrito’s cafe environment is super cosy and brightly lit, making it the best spot for lunch or dinner gatherings to reconnect with loved ones. Go on and have fun snapping lots of photos with all the cute animals here to commemorate the moment.    

Image: @Furrito Haus (Google Images)
Image: @foodtravelplaykl (IG)

Highlights from the menu include the HK Series Claypot Chicken Rice, Curry Noodles, Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce, Fish and Chips, Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken and Nuggets. Pair it up with some delightful sweet treats such as Strawberry Milkshakes, Matcha Lattes, Cheesecake or their best-selling Crepes to end your meal on a satisfying high.      

Image: @luckylee.official (IG)
Image: @pongpong.pom (IG)

So, make sure to visit Furrito Haus Cafe the next time you’re in Seri Kembangan! Pop by and say hello to Snowy and his furry friends, they are all waiting here for you! 

Furrito Haus Cafe & Pet Mart 

Address: 27, Jln Equine 10, Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11 am – 9.30 pm)


Status: Non-halal 

Link (s): FacebookInstagram

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