6 Things About Kopi Malaysians Can Relate To

Malaysians’ love for coffee is undeniable. Be it the coffee at Kopitiam, Mamak stall, cafe or even at home. You know a cup of Kopi Peng or Cham is essential to get your day started! And for us coffee lovers, nothing makes sense before coffee! Since International Coffee Month is here, let’s look at some of the memes we pulled through and see which one is you!

6 Things About Coffee Malaysians Can Relate To

1. Explaining The Differences Between Americano & Kopi O

We totally get it guys. This is pretty much a cappuccino and latte situation. Of course, getting Kopi at the Kopitiam is different story lah. They all have their own unique taste that we confirm love. But when it comes to this, how do you explain the difference between Americano and Kopi O to your parents? Pst! We’re having the exact situation at home, share your answer lah, please?

2. A Day Without Kopi

Malaysians Kopi

One cup of Kopi is never enough. Honestly, what is breakfast, lunch and dinner without Kopi? Tea time too, we can have Kopi Cham together macha! Even our fitness app has recognised Kopi as FOOD! It’s a meal, okay? A meal. If you think it’s dangerous to enjoy Kopi that much, oh believe us, we are not in danger, but others around us would probably go kee siao.

3. Watery Kopi

Watery Kopi?? Please let me talk to your manager. Joking, but really. You know every sip of coffee feels heavenly but the first sip touches the soul differently. Imagine drinking a Kopi that is not KAW enough. We need the kick guys, then only chun!

4. Kopi Kurang Manis

Malaysians Kopi

When you ask Mamak for a “Kopi KURANG KURANG KURANG manis” and they give you Kopi O Kosong! Haiya boss, we just want something that’s less sweet but also not too bitter. How to tell lah?

5. Kopi? YES or YES!

Relax, we love our Teh O Ais & Teh Tarik too! But, if we can choose, of course it’s gonna be Kopi all day every day. Especially us Burung Hantu (night owls) – we really need the survival juice to not look like a zombie. 

6. Yes, Let’s “Coffee-fied” It!

Malaysians Kopi

Yes yes. By now, you can tell how much coffee means to us. We love pretty much anything with coffee, from coffee sweets to cakes and pies, etc. Our new latest craze is this NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino ice cream.

In conjunction with International Coffee month, we thought it would be fitting to give this yummi-li-cious coffee ice cream another shout-out. We are absolutely crazy over its soft ganache coating which uses real NESCAFÉ GOLD soluble coffee, and the inner comes with perfectly balanced vanilla and NESCAFÉ GOLD coffee ice cream. We experimented with biting versus licking the ice cream and the verdict is biting! By biting the ice cream, the soft coating melts at a similar rate to the ice cream inside. This creates the perfect balance of “coffee-ness”, milkiness and sweetness. Pst! Might sound like rocket science, but it’s not. Trust us and thank us later!

Malaysians Kopi

Have A Brew-Tiful October!

All in all, wherever and whenever we are, coffee has never failed to make our day. So if you’re feeling blue today, don’t forget to fix your daily dose of caffeine because a day without coffee is definitely a depresso. Joking, but here’s a meme for you. Have a beautiful day ahead and stay safe, bye!

Malaysians Kopi

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