Tealive Staff Recommends Mango Milk Tea With Mango Pop Pop Pearls, Goes Viral

Though there are many bubble tea outlets mushrooming across Malaysia, without a doubt, our favourite one has got to be Tealive. This is because Tealive has been around since our childhood and has even stood the test of time by becoming one of the long-lasting bubble tea outlets. Today, we’re not here to introduce you to their new menu but instead, it’s a real-life recommendation by fellow Tealive staff. Ready?

Try Ordering Mango Milk Tea with Mango Pop Pop Pearls At Tealive

So recently, Tealive introduced a brand new menu, the Pop Pop Pearls consisting of either Mango Pop Pop Pearls or Strawberry Pop Pop Pearls. This is definitely a novel creation since all along we’ve only been introduced to tapioca pearls without many options. Until Tealive came up with this.

Photo: @aidanurariza (Twitter)

Pop Pop Pearls is a great party in our mouths as they literally burst upon biting. Although it may not be new to some of us, but hold it guys. These pearls actually have flavours in them!

If you wanna try out the Strawberry Pop Pop Pearls, it comes with Mango Milk Tea and for the Mango Pop Pop Pearls, you can find them in Strawberry Milk Tea.

Photo: @shahirahairul (Twitter)

But, here’s a tip that we found recently online by a fellow Twitter netizen. You can actually request for your Mango Pop Pop Pearls to go with Mango Milk Tea instead! That’s right, according to a Twitter user, @shahirahairul, she highly recommends us to order Mango Milk Tea with Mango Pop Pop Pearls. As of right now, the post has garnered over 7000 Retweets and 12,700 Likes.

Photo: @shahirahairul (Twitter)

One netizen managed to try this special menu and here’s what it looks like:

Photo: @journulmardhiah (Twitter)

However, some other netizens commented that this special request is not usually available at all Tealive outlets because it is highly dependent on the tearista. So this goes to say that it depends on your luck! If you’ve ever tried it before, let us know in the comments!

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