Texas Chicken Rolled Out New Glazed Herb & Garlic Menu For A Limited Time Only

Intense flavours!

Hey guys! If there’s anything to love at Texas Chicken (aside from their delicious fried chicken), it has to be their Honey Butter Biscuit. But recently Texas Chicken Malaysia revealed that for a limited time only, you can choose to have Glazed Herb & Garlic Biscuit instead. In fact, you can even pair it with their Glazed Herb & Garlic Crispy Chicken. Check it out!

texas herbs and garlic
Photo: @texaschicken

Texas Chicken Introduces New Glazed Herb & Garlic Flavour

texas chicken herbs garlic
Photo: @feedusfood_ (Instagram)

Updated on their social media as a new flavour for November, Texas Chicken released a brand new Glazed Herb & Garlic menu! The Glazed Herb & Garlic Crispy Chicken is a mouthwatering blend of exotic herbs and aromatic garlic for an irresistible burst of flavour. Additionally, they also offer Glazed Herb & Garlic Biscuit that will perfectly complement your crispy, aromatic fried chicken.

texas herbs and garlic
Photo: @texaschicken

Available For A Limited Time Only

Clearly, the sweet and savoury game in this one is a lot more intense. you should definitely check it out. Meanwhile, this new menu is only available for a limited time. Remember that you can take away your meal and have it delivered to you. Stay safe friends!

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