This Former Air Stewardess and Single Mother Sells Nasi Kukus to Make Ends Meet

Hello foodies, how’s everyone doing? This pandemic has impacted millions of people and many are struggling to keep their “rice bowl.” This former air stewardess is no different. However, she kept her spirits up and found her way out by selling nasi kukus ayam berempah to make ends meet and support her family. Read up to find out her location and if possible, show some support.


Former Air Stewardess Clipped Her Wings, Now Sells Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah To Make Ends Meet:

Photo: Utusan

The virus is doing no good for many, and we’ve been hearing a lot of news on unemployment and termination. The airline industry especially, is severely impacted since we can’t fly to no where. Unfortunately, Nur Shareen Mohd. Zaini, was one of the many that got laid off. The compensation from her airline company was also not enough to cover her expenses.

Devastated but not defeated, the former air stewardess and apparently a single mother, found her way out by setting up a stall to sell nasi kukus berempah in her hometown.

Photo: @ryefortoday (Twitter)

Known as “Nasi Kukus Pramugari (air stewardess in English),” her nasi kukus berempah has received a lot of support from the locals in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. Her stall also went viral on Twitter and received plenty of positive comments.

Photo: @fatinadilah94

“Still beautiful even when she sells nasi kukus. May you be blessed with sustenance.”

Photo: @awienRZ

“My Icc last time, she’s a good-hearted person. Good luck.”

Foodies, if you happen to be around that area, show Nur Shareen some love and support. To all the local businesses out there, hang in there, we’ll try our best to show our support. Even if you can’t support physically and financially, you could still spread the news and let more people be aware of our local shops. That’s all, have a great day ahead and buh bye!

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