M’sian Girl Seeking For Help On Twitter To Save Her Parents Restaurant At USJ 21 In Selangor

Hello, everyone! With the implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO), and Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), many food and beverage businesses have been suffering this year. Recently, we had managed to speak to some fellow business owners to learn about how food and beverage businesses are coping. With that said, this brings us to the latest devasting news.

M’sian Girl Seeking For Help On Twitter

Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)
Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)

With many Malaysians adhering to the rules and regulations of CMCO, many small businesses have been highly affected with no dine-in customers. A Malaysian girl, Aleena Halim, mentioned the struggles behind her family business located at USJ 21. The humble restaurant, Restoran Hana Ikan Bakar, has been struggling to mitigate financial losses as there are no dine-in customers.

Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)
Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)

Based on her Twitter posting, it appears that her family’s business can no longer cover the cost and expenses of operations. Despite trying to help her parents out during this tough time, she was not able to as she has recently lost her job as her contract was not being renewed. With the Twitter post, she has attached her conversation with her mother.

Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)

Within the screenshot, her mother explained that after going through a deep conversation with Aleena’s father, it appears that there’s a slim financial recovery. Hence, the restaurant needs to cut down the working hours of the employees. Restoran Hana Ikan Bakar is relatively new, with operations started two weeks right before the very first MCO.

Save Her Parents Restaurant At USJ 21 In Selangor

Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)
Photo: @aleenahalim (Twitter)

However, Aleena’s parents are seasoned entrepreneurs with previous food and beverage businesses around Klang Valley before venturing into Restoran Hana Ikan Bakar. With fears that Restoran Hana Ikan Bakar will be ceasing its operations, Aleena went on Twitter to seek help from other fellows Malaysians. If you can, lend a helping hand to Restoran Hana Ikan Bakar, or other small businesses around you.

Restoran Hana Ikan Bakar is also available on foodpanda. 

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