This Musang King Boba by Boba Chief Might be The Next Big Thing

Malaysians are pretty creative when it comes to food. Take boba for example. We’ve seen multiple collaboration and new flavors like White Candy Boba, Boba fries, Boba cake, the list goes on. But have you guys heard of boba with national pride (not nasi lemak)? Durian and boba, the combination got us blown away, thanks to Boba Chief. Will durian boba be a hit or, a miss? Continue reading to find out.



First Off, What is Boba Chief?

A homegrown brand that takes pride in Malaysian flavors, Boba Chief is more than just another bubble milk tea place. What makes them stand out is their approach of offering gourmet snacks to customers while they indulge in their specialty drink. Each specialty drink is proudly designed by Chef Daniel Yong, we love their efforts of fine tuning to suit Malaysian taste buds.

Stepping into Boba Chief, the first thing that welcomed us was the aroma of durian. They say one can’t possibly hide the King of Fruit, and it’s true. The layout of the place is nothing pretentious nor fancy. It’s straightforwardly comfortable, where one could have a rest or even bond over drinks.

What We Ordered:

Hold your horses. We know you guys are curious about the Musang King Boba but we ordered more than that. So let’s start with something similar, but different first, the Bannock. It’s basically a mango drink blended with yakult. The presentation is so satisfying, with layers of white and yellow, like marble. It’s one of Boba Chief’s bestsellers, you get the milky consistency from the whipped cream with a hint of sweet freshness from the fresh mango, refreshing!


The moment we all have been waiting for, Musang King Boba, Apache. Made with real Musang King flesh, we were surprised by the flavor and consistency. Unlike the cloying, overpowering flavor that we expected, the richness of durian is well balanced by the light fresh milk. Overall a very smooth aftertaste, and not overly sweet. Not going to lie, when we first got our hands on the Musang King Boba, we thought we got the creme brulee instead. It was topped with a coat of sea salt foam and fresh Musang King creme. Durian lovers, this is definitely your cup of drink.



Moving on to something more refreshing, Dancing with Wolves. It’s a combination of grapefruit, watermelon, lime, lemon and orange. With chunks of real fruits incorporated, the drink was really refreshing, with a citrusy aftertaste. If you’re coming with a bunch of friends and somehow ordered the Musang King Boba, this drink is perfect to wash down the creaminess.


For those who wish to stick to the foolproof, traditional fresh milk boba yet still crave for hint of pop for your social media, Abenaki it is. A pretty straightforward blue flower milk with golden pearls. The color of blue is a natural coloring from the butterfly pea flower.

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Food for Pairing:

Drinks without food just ain’t sound right. Unlike other beverage places that serves snacks like popcorn chicken and nuggets, Boba Chief decides to bring snacking to a whole new level. First off, kudos to presentation. We loved how Shrimp Flower Wonton came in a flower pot, with wontons shaped into blossoming flowers.


Our favourite has to go to Scallop Dynamite. Palm-sized fresh scallop coated with cheese and baked to perfection. Imagine the sensation of pairing something warm with a cup of cold beverage. Boba Chief also offer snacks for sharing, like the Grill Combo Set that we got. Price is definitely on the higher side, but beef sirloin, duck breast, lamb and shrimp were part of it, all marinated and grilled to juicy bits, it was quite an indulgence.


Apart from snacks, hot foods are available like spaghetti and pizza. We didn’t get any but however, did got ourselves a Watermelon Pomelo Salad. We thought the refreshing, fruit salad was ideal to wash down any greasiness.

Verdict on Boba Chief:

Was the Musang King Boba worth the hype? Definitely! Though not an everyday indulgence, we do recommend trying out at least once, who knew durian and boba could marry? Overall, their drinks do speak quality, and not overly sweet. Their gourmet snack was interesting, especially those skewers. Enough said, swing by Boba Chief to experience all the goodness yourself. Hands down Penang Foodie approved, that’s all, buh bye!

Boba Chief

Address: No. 27-1 Jalan Pju 5/4 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Operating Hour: 12 p.m.-12 a.m. (Fri&Sat) 12 p.m.-1 a.m.
More Info:
Contact: 016-205 6121

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