Top 10 Healthy Eats For Every Budget In The Klang Valley [2020 Guide]

Eat good and feel good without hurting your wallet!

It’s 2019, and if you didn’t already know, leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle has never been so important. As wellness and a balanced lifestyle grow in popularity, more healthy eats and clean diet trends are emerging. It’s about time you really get that summer bod you’ve always wanted. And of course, for us Malaysian foodies, our way to a balanced lifestyle starts with – food. Eating healthy does not mean that you have to compromise your hard earnings, check out these healthy restaurants below for every budget!

Top 10 Healthy Eats You Should Try!

Pocket-Friendly Healthy Eats (Under RM20)

If you’re looking to start your clean lifestyle, maybe it’s a good idea to go easy on your wallet first…and not burn a hole in it too quick. Delicious healthy food need not make you feel like you’re spending tons just to get going the right way, here are three places that’ll go easy on you…and your tummy!

1. Mama Kim Sauna Mee (Pork-Free)

Photo: Mama Kim Malaysia (Google)

Most of you would know this one – *Mama Kim Wellness Kitchen. Famous for their ‘sauna mee’, which is a dish served in a stone-pot bowl. It is a combination of fresh vegetables, mushrooms and butterfish simmering in a deliciously nourishing broth. Order this and you have a choice between brown rice, pumpkin noodles or mushroom rice noodles.

Photo: @soonnicole (Instagram)

They’ve got other dishes too. Like, Black Porridge, Cheesy Baked Rice with Mushrooms, Steamed Rice With Chili and much more food items that are so tasty! You can find their menu here. As their slogan goes, ‘where healthy is yummy’, you’d definitely get hooked on Mama Kim!

Photo: @yiingjiun (Instagram)

One portion of Mama Kim Sauna Mee is RM15.90 and it’s sure to leave you feeling well-fed. Mama Kim has several outlets across the Klang Valley. Find them here. *Mama Kim Wellness Kitchen is a pork-free eatery.

2. Kurin (Muslim-Friendly)

Photo: (Instagram)

Kurin set out with an objective to make clean and wholesome food on-the-go more accessible to those with a fast moving work life who also want to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. And, they certainly did not disappoint. Talk about affordable healthy food that you can grab on-the-go!

Photo: (Instagram)

Their poke bowls scream freshness because they continuously develop their menu and get their hands on the freshest types of greens and proteins.

Photo: (Instagram)

If eating light is your thing, you can get a pretty solid meal at Kurin from as low as RM13 (Oven Baked Chicken Salad with Spicy Mayo Sauce). Prices at Kurin can go above RM25, but you can definitely pick up a meal under RM20! Check out their menu.

Address: Kurin @ NU Sentral ; Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-10PM

3. Epic Fit Meals Co. (Halal)

Photo: @lennontan (Instagram)

Epic Fit Meals Co. is a restaurant chain and a food delivery service too. Drawing food inspirations from Melbourne, Epic keeps customers happy with real flavours and fresh ingredients. Besides that, they pride themselves on using innovative cooking techniques and providing fast delivery in under 45 minutes.

Photo: @epicfitmealsco (Instagram)

They also serve favourites like burgers, pizzas, and burritos. It’s no doubt that you can still get your guilty-food fix with an added healthy twist. Whether you dine in or opt for delivery, count on Epic Fit Meals Co. to deliver healthy eats straight to your tummy!

Photo: @nurafifah (Instagram)

Meal prices range from as low as RM9.80 up to RM25.50, but don’t worry, a solid burrito meal from them only costs RM14.50! Find their menu here. Epic Fit Meals Co. has several outlets across the Klang Valley. Look here.

Slightly-Splurgy Healthy Eats (Over RM20)

Looking to treat yourself to a good healthy meal that’ll leave you feeling completely satisfied? These three spots are perfect for those who are comfortable with spending a little more…once in awhile. We know, you worked hard, now you deserve a healthy treat!

4. Hale and Agrain by Hale (Muslim-Friendly)

Photo: (Instagram)

Calling themselves a healthy fast food joint, Hale serves up different kinds of meals such as salads, noodles, rice and even burgers! Let’s face it, life is better between two pieces of bread. With Hale’s burgers, life is better and – healthier.

Photo: (Instagram)

Hale locally sources their vegetables from Cameron Highlands, and they make everything from scratch! Hale is food delivery service and they also have a restaurant called, Agrain by Hale. Agrain by Hale is found at several locations, find out where here.

Photo: (Instagram)

An Agrain bowl can cost up to RM20.90 for a large portion and it comes with 1 base, 2 proteins, 3 supplements, 2 toppings and 1 dressing. They’ve got fresh juices at RM8 each too. So, if you’re feeling in the mood to level up your health, Agrain by Hale is the way to go for nutritious and yummy food!

5. La Juiceria Superfoods (Halal)

Photo: @lajuiceria (Instagram)

Famously known for their super juices, La Juiceria brings super food to the health scene too! La Juiceria Superfoods has something for every picky eater because their menu is quite extensive. Their food tastes so scrumptious that you wouldn’t even know you’re eating healthy!

Photo: @lajuiceria (Instagram)

Food never looked so good and tastes so healthy! Time for some yum, don’t you think?

Photo: @lajuiceria (Instagram)

Their menu items can range from RM19.90 to RM29, so it’s definitely spending a little more for healthy eats but we guarantee that it’ll be delicious! La Juiceria Superfoods has different locations, check here for the nearest to you!

6. Cabana Acai Bar (Halal)

Photo: (Instagram)

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie bowl? They’re ridiculously pretty and they taste oh-so-heavenly. Cabana Acai Bar in Publika uses authentic Brazillian acai pulp to make their acai bowls. It’s indeed a craft to make food look pretty and taste pretty good too!

Photo: (Instagram)

Bestseller bowls include, Rio Classic: acai bowl topped with granola and banana; Tropical Thunder: zesty bowl topped with kiwi, mango, strawberry, mango, coconut curls and banana.

Photo: (Instagram)

Smoothie bowl prices range between RM12.90 to RM25.90. The bowls are available in small, medium and large sizes. Nothing beats a yummy smoothie bowl that’s blended to perfection and decorated to wow you! Follow their Instagram to see more beautiful bowls!

Address: Cabana Acai Bar @ Publika Shopping Gallery; Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-10PM

Take-My-Money Healthy Eats (Over RM30)

This section is for those who can eat healthy as much as they want…or like, without having to worry about burning their wallet. Even if these restaurants are a bit on the higher expense end, there are always cheat days…for your wallet too.

7. Sala (Halal)

Photo: @sala.kl (Instagram)

Sala is a Latin-inspired, tex-mex, plant-based vegan restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas. This restaurant prides itself for revamping local delicacies and national favourites into becoming healthier and cleaner eats. For instance, their vegan nasi lemak is made with mushrooms and tempe.

Photo: @sala.kl (Instagram)

Sala is also known for their burritos and tacos! Their burritos are packed with healthy greens like carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, beans and other ingredients that really boost your health no doubt. And, who doesn’t like tacos? If you don’t, it’s time to taco bout’ your fillings.

Photo: @sala.kl (Instagram)

Sala’s food prices range from RM12 up to RM25. Their smoothies range from RM16 up to RM22. So, if you’re looking for a complete healthy meal with drinks, your bill could go above RM30. But then again, it’s money well spent on getting you closer to your summer bod.

Address: Sala @ A-G-03A Galeria Hartamas, No 21, Jalan 26a/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday, 11AM-9PM; Sunday and Monday, 11AM-5PM; Tuesday and Wednesday, 11AM-7PM

8. Simply Green Salad Gallery (Halal)

Photo: @simplygreensalad (Instagram)

Simply Green Salad Gallery was founded in 2014 and it brings you food that is hearty and healthy. Their food provides you all-day energy that you need to get that bread and then…spend it on more healthy eats!

Photo: @simplygreensalad (Instagram)

Their salad bar has so many green options that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Mix and match different types of vegetables with grains and add a protein to keep yourself full!

Photo: @simplygreensalad (Instagram)

They also have french toast with fresh fruits if you’re feeling a little sweet for a healthy breakfast! Their prices range from RM14.90 for a basic salad up to RM25.90 for a poke salad. Pair your main meals with their RM10 freshly made juices and call it a day! Simply Green Salad Gallery has several kiosks across food hall brands. Check them out here. For restaurants, see here.

9. Botanica + Co (Halal)

Photo: (Instagram)

Alright, this is pretty much a cafe but…healthy food starts with the produce! And, Botanica + Co is driven by importing quality ingredients and only sourcing the best as well as freshest local produce every day. Healthy food begins with the right ingredients and you can bet on this place to serve modest hearty food.

Photo: (Instagram)

Salads can be delicious, right? You bet, try their Cobb Salad (RM28) made with roasted chicken, hard boiled egg, corn, romaine lettuce, feta cheese, cherry tomato and avocado! This restaurant proves you don’t need to head to a salad bar for healthy food. Sometimes, cafe food with the – right ingredients might do the trick. Check out their menu here.

Photo: (Instagram)

Botanica + Co is on the pricey end because of its quality ingredients. So, expect your bill to go over RM30 if you’re looking at ordering food and drinks. Nevertheless, healthy good food and a good environment to boot, it’s the perfect Sunday brunch!

Healthy Eats: Desserts Can Be Good For You Too

10. Kind Kones (Muslim-Friendly)

Photo: @kindkones (Instagram)

What better way to finish off the list than with a bonus: dessert! To sum it up, healthy food can taste good and that comes in the form of an ice-cream. All-natural vegan ice-cream to be specific. Kind Kones is free from dairy, egg, refined sugar, and even soy!

Photo: @kindkones (Instagram)

They’ve got vegan buttermilk pancakes too! It’s almost like magic, you don’t need an excuse to indulge in dessert because it’s healthy for you!

Photo: @kindkones (Instagram)

Healthy ice-cream? Okay, you only got me at ice-cream but with Kind Kones, it’s completely guilt-free. Also, there are gluten free options. Opt for Kind Kones to level up your health and enjoy life’s pleasures while you’re at it. Find the nearest store you right now!

We finally made it to the end, hope you didn’t have to break a sweat reading this list…but that would’ve been good workout too, wouldn’t it? It’s high time you put your health and wellness first because a healthier you is a happier you! Bye for now! Go get that summer bod. I’m rooting for you!

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