29-Year-Old M’sian Doctor Switches Career, Now Makes Stunning Wedding Cakes In Ipoh

There’s one saying that goes; choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work for a day in your life. This saying is especially true for 29-year-old Naqiuddin Rozman from Ipoh who switches his career path from a doctor to a wedding cake designer. Here’s the story behind Triad of Batter, a successful home bakery specializing in wedding cakes and artisanal desserts in Ipoh.

Triad Of Batter: Home Bakery With Stunning Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Triad of Batter IpohProvided to KL Foodie

Naqiuddin’s hobby lies in baking; while still pursuing his studies in 2012, Naqiuddin earns a side income by selling only Red Velvet cakes to his university friends. Then, in 2016, he graduated from medical school with honours and went on to work as a junior doctor in Klang Valley.

Photo: @triadofbatter (Instagram)

Unfortunately, due to his deteriorating health condition, he was advised to resign. Towards the end of 2018, Naqiuddin went on to set up his home bakery in KL.  Holding strong to his passion, he went home and establish Triad of Batter at Sri Kinta, Ipoh in 2019.

Triad of Batter IpohProvided to KL Foodie

Triad of Batter is known for making jaw-dropping gorgeous wedding cakes and artisanal desserts like madeleines, tartlets, and more. In Ipoh, Triad of Batter is the only cake designer shop that makes palette textured buttercream on cakes, songket-textured cakes, and marble-textured wedding cakes.

Triad of Batter IpohImage provided to KL Foodie

Triad of Batter IpohPhoto provided to KL Foodie

Triad of Batter IpohImage provided to KL Foodie

As for the best-selling cake, Naqiuddin says it is the Devil’s Food Cake (DFC). Made with couverture chocolate ganache and simple composition, this cake has won the hearts of many.

Triad of Batter IpohPhoto: @triadofbatter (Instagram)

Triad of Batter is a wedding cake venture established during MCO. Since weddings are prohibited, Naqiuddin said that he has changed his business strategy to stay afloat. Instead of focusing on just wedding cakes, he also bakes small tea treats to sustain Triad of Batter’s revenue growth.

Triad of Batter IpohPhoto: @triadofbatter (Instagram)

Triad of Batter IpohPicture: @triadofbatter (Instagram)

Triad of Batter IpohPhoto: @triadofbatter (Instagram)

An Inspiration To Many

Maintaining a strong sense of positivity, Naqiuddin hopes that he can make tiered wedding cakes once again after all this is over. “The secret to finding success is finding the good balance between both following your heart and following your mind. We should normalise career shift and not let others define our career,” said Naqiuddin.

Triad of Batter IpohProvided to KL Foodie

Triad of Batter will be opening its very first shop in Ipoh by the end of this year. There will also be masterclasses conducted. Here’s to wishing you the very best in your baking endeavours, Naqiuddin.

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