Urban After Dark: Urban Daybreak’s New Australian Fusion Dinner Menu Is Irresistibly Delicious

Urban Daybreak Is Joining The "Dark" Side

Greetings, foodies! Many of you know Urban Daybreak as the go-to-spot for scrumptious modern Australian all-day breakfast that never fails to satisfy all your cravings. But now, you have all the more reason to visit them. Start off your night with Urban Daybreak’s new dinner service – Urban After Dark! Get lost in the tantalising flavours where East meets West while your taste buds go on a gastronomic journey of unexplored “territory”.


Urban Daybreak Introduces Urban After Dark – An All New Dinner Menu You Have To Try Now In Bangsar

Home to one of the best all-day breakfast place in the Bangsar area, Urban Daybreak offers a break from the usual breakfast themed menu by serving all new dinner items. The team has been experimenting with different flavours and textures for months before finalising all 7 starters and 6 main dishes for Urban After Dark.

Without further ado, let’s just jump right into the FOOD!

Charred Cabbage To Start Things Off With A Bang

Photo: Charred Cabbage

Who knew giving some flame to cabbages would add so much life into a single dish. Pops of colours from the fish roe and fried shallots on the white canvas of miso bechamel sauce, also makes the entire dish even more appealing than it is. Light on the taste, but packed full of flavours – it’s the perfect starter to start your dinner with!

Photo: (Clockwise From Top Left) Prosciutto Salad, Pulled Pork, Crispy White Bait, Hot Chicken.

Apart from Charred Cabbage, their starters also consists of a mixture of your favourite comfort food. Fried chicken lovers do try out their Hot Chicken cooked with homemade hot sauce, you’ll definitely won’t mind the spicy kick in every bite! Or dig in on their soft and tender Pulled Pork, which is paired perfectly with a side of spicy mustard sauce and ciabatta bread.

Amazing Mains To Continue With

With up to six different kinds of mains to choose from, you’ll be amazed at how everything sounds incredibly delicious. Giving you choices from your favourite poultry to pastas, you’ll drool simply by imagining how it is. Don’t worry, you can drool now while you find out which of these mains are to die for.

Dan Dan Mien


First off, you will not want to miss out on this all-time favourite dish that effortlessly fuses French and Sichuan tastes together. Using angel hair pasta instead with Urban Daybreak’s homemade concoction of Sichuan secret sauce – it’s surprisingly a match made in heaven!

Miso Glazed Salmon

If you’re someone who NEEDS to have rice for dinner, this is your dish! The furikake butter rice melts in your mouth with every mouthful with its sweetness complementing the salmon drenched in miso sauce. The chunky piece of salmon is cooked to tender perfection as well!


BBQ Glazed Meatloaf

Being an underrated food by itself, the Urban Daybreak team has managed to turn a complete 360 on a meatloaf dish. Glazed in tantalising BBQ sauce, it immediately gives the meatloaf a flavoursome bite to it. The side of chili jam also gives it a slight spicy kick to a traditionally Western taste.

Wine-tastic Dishes To Pair Your Reds & Whites With


Nothing beats slurping your bowl of Chorizo Pasta with a glass of red wine to pair it with. Hence, a divine wine list has been carefully curated just for Urban After Dark. Not a fan of the reds? They offer choices of the white wine too! *Pssst* It goes wonderfully with the Crispy White Bait too.

Besides that, non-alcoholic drinks are served at Urban After Dark as well. Choose from their wide selection of hand-crafted coffees like Creme De Cacao, or even create your very own concoction of raw juices.

Urban After Dark Is Your Next Go-To Spot For Dinners With Extraordinary Flavours

Get to know Urban Daybreak all over again through their meticulously curated dinner service – Urban After Dark. Craving for Western food with a twist of Asian flavours or just an overall good meal after a long day? Urban Daybreak is the place to be at! Because trust the people who make great Australian breakfast to also cook up a storm of exquisite Australian fusion dinner for you.

Urban Daybreak

? 11, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

⏱ Opens daily, 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

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