Walls Viennetta Is Finally Back In Malaysia Just In Time For Christmas

Hello, 90s kids. We have some amazing news made just for you!  Remember the good old days? You know, waking up early in the morning to watch cartoons on TV3 and collecting Pokémon Trading Gard Game – without actually knowing how it works? A big part of childhood is actually eating a lot of ice-cream. After all, there were not many fancy cafes and restaurants back in the good old days.


Walls Viennetta Is Finally Back In Malaysia

Walls Viennetta Malaysia
Photo: @agness0811 (Instagram)

We will buy during recess time, after school, and even on weekends when ice-cream man comes on his motorcycle. Now, you can relive all these memories as one of our favourite ice-cream, Walls Viennetta, is finally back in Malaysia. If you are not a 90s kid, not to worry! We are about to introduce one of the best things ever! Are you ready for it?

Walls Viennetta Malaysia
Photo: @isabeleciprianofiuza (Instagram)

The original Viennetta was an Italian product, and it has multiple layers of vanilla ice-cream and spray-on layers of compound chocolate.  In Walls version, some flavours include chocolate, mint, and pistachio. The truly luxurious ice-cream is normally cut into rectangular pieces and enjoyed among family members while watching television! Netflix and Viennetta, anyone?

Now available in Ben’s Independent Grocer

Walls Viennetta Malaysia
Photo: @itfeesa (Twitter)

If you are ready to walk down memory lane, you can head to Ben’s Independent Grocer to grab yourself Walls Viennetta. Although it is priced at more than RM30, it is not too bad considering the size of the ice-cream itself. Netizens have also commented that there are other spots selling this item. Do you know where else can we get this? Let us know in the comments!

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