White Rabbit Ice Cream Is Officially Here In Malaysia (Video)

The Wait Is Over!

Just a week ago, an ice cream parlour created White Rabbit flavoured ice cream and it took the Internet by storm. The ice cream parlour that is based in Los Angeles, Wanderlust Creamery, announced the sale of the new flavour on their social media accounts on the 21st February 2019 and it is sold off all day every day. Surely, as Malaysians, we want a taste of it. After all, it is our favourite childhood candy! Well, you can finally try it in Malaysia!


Inside Scoop Launches Its Own White Rabbit Ice Cream

We went to try it out and here’s the video! Make sure to share with us what do you think if you’ve already tasted it!

Happening at ALL Inside Scoop outlets (except Kuantan – launching on 4 March 8pm). Share this with your friends and family!


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