You Can Now Purchase 3-ply Surgical Masks at Watsons Malaysia


  • 3-ply surgical masks are now available for purchase at Watsons Malaysia
  • Each customer can only purchase one pack of mask (5pcs)
  • Available in selected stores, 50 packs per stores only.

Good news, foodies! Surgical masks are now available for purchase (finally) at Watsons Malaysia! You no longer have to buy overpriced masks from unauthorized resellers and dealers. Watsons Malaysia has recently broken the good news on their Facebook page, but only limited quantities are available, and at selected stores only. Scroll down to find out about all the details.

DISCLAIMER: Do not hog the supplies, be considerate and buy only when needed. 

3-ply Surgical Masks at Watsons Malaysia:

The 3-ply surgical mask is sold at RM7.50 per pack (5pcs/pack) and each customer is allowed to purchase only one pack. Stocks are limited to 50 packs per store, and are only available at selected stores. Below are the list of stores available for surgical mask purchase.


While purchasing, we would want to remind you guys to maintain social distancing. Meaning keep a distance of at least one meter away from each other. It is our responsibility to comply to the rules, after all, that’s all we can do at the moment.

PSA from Watsons Malaysia: You should wear a mask only if you’re down with fever, coughing, or sneezing or when you’re caring for someone who is ill with similar symptoms. Face masks can only be used once.


Where Else Can I get Face Mask in Malaysia?

KK Super Mart! We wrote an article about this, so read to find out more.

Latest update from KK Super Mart: Masks on 25th of March are all sold out in designated stores. On 26th March, public can purchase high quality gloves instead for RM25 per box. Find out more on their Facebook page.


That’s all foodies, once again, stay at home, practice social distancing, and stay safe. Buh bye!

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